About us

Recovery Lighthouse is an inpatient addiction treatment facility based in Sussex, which is dedicated to helping you overcome your addiction and achieve a fulfilling life-long recovery. We understand the battles and complications addiction can cause, and we strive to provide a comfortable, safe and supportive environment for you to heal.

About us - Recovery Lighthouse therapy session

Our addiction therapy programme is designed to empower you to make positive changes in your life. Through unique group therapy and other activities, you can begin the process of self-discovery and make positive changes with the unwavering support of our dedicated staff. In addition, we aim to help you find stability and resolution, providing ongoing support even after you’ve finished your programme.


Our highly-trained medical professionals not only ensure that you receive the best possible physical care, but use the experience of their own recovery to guide you through the emotional process.


We understand that addiction can also impact families and loved ones significantly, so we offer support through our facilitated family groups, providing an opportunity for families to talk about the impact of addiction and improve their emotional wellbeing.


If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, our admissions staff are available 24/7. Our residential programme at Recovery Lighthouse provides a chance for you to examine unmanageable behaviour patterns and learn positive coping strategies to support ongoing recovery. Trust us to help you achieve your recovery goals.