Our team at Recovery Lighthouse is committed to providing the best possible care for our residents. We understand that recovery is a process that takes time and effort, and we are here to support you every step of the way. One way we do this is by offering a year’s worth of aftercare services for free.

Staying connected with your recovery network through our team and your peers is essential to maintaining a healthy and happy life after rehab, and our aftercare programme is designed to ensure you will receive the best care and guidance you need, even after leaving our clinic.

Aftercare - show of support

What does Recovery Lighthouse’s aftercare involve?

Long-term aftercare support is highly recommended for those on a recovery journey. Consistency is crucial, and at Recovery Lighthouse, you will have weekly Zoom meetings with a certified therapist and engage in your progress with your peers. You can freely share your thoughts and doubts and receive advice in return. Additionally, during these meetings, you can work through the remaining steps of your 12-step programme. Remember, continuing your recovery journey is crucial even after finishing your programme.

Why is aftercare important?

Leaving the safety of Recovery Lighthouse, where you have made connections, follow a routine and have consistent support, it can feel daunting to return back to your previous surroundings. You may face triggers back at home, struggle to rebuild connections or fall out of routine. It will also be the first time after rehab that you will have access to addictive substances again. Relapse is common during this transition, and Aftercare aims to help you ease back into your daily life while receiving the support and resources you will need to stay on track with your recovery goals. It is an essential part of the recovery process and can significantly increase your chances of long-term success.

Is aftercare mandatory?

Our aftercare programme at Recovery Lighthouse is a critical component of the recovery process. It’s designed to provide you with the support and tools you need to maintain the progress you’ve made during your time with us. While it’s not mandatory to attend aftercare, we suggest you attend every meeting, alongside having 90 meetings in 90 days as part of your chosen fellowship, to ensure you make the most out of your rehab journey.

Here, at Recovery Lighthouse, we also offer you the chance to join the life-long UKAT Alumni community. Benefiting from regular phone contact and free recovery events throughout, allowing you to meet and network with other like-minded people who understand what you’re going through.