Methadone rehab

Methadone is a potentially deadly drug and was involved in 663 deaths in the UK in 2021 alone. When you are addicted to methadone, it can seem like there is no escape but methadone rehab has helped millions of people worldwide overcome their dependence and go on to live happy, healthy lives. If you are struggling with methadone addiction, know that you are not alone and that with the right support and guidance, you too can break free and begin to repair the damage done by this awful illness.

Methadone rehab - therapy session

What is methadone rehab?

Methadone rehab is an intensive and comprehensive treatment programme designed to help you get off methadone safely. It is an incredibly important process because giving up methadone on your own can be incredibly difficult. There are two main methadone rehab options available when seeking treatment: outpatient methadone rehab and inpatient methadone rehab.

Outpatient methadone rehab…

Also known as day rehab, outpatient methadone rehab is a form of treatment that allows you to stay at home while attending regular counselling and therapy sessions. Outpatient rehab means that you are able to look after your family and other responsibilities while still receiving the necessary treatment to tackle your dependency on methadone. However, while outpatient methadone rehab may seem like the most convenient treatment option, it can be a challenge to stay on track when you still have access to methadone and are faced with the daily temptations of everyday life.

Inpatient methadone rehab…

Inpatient methadone rehab is a more structured and immersive form of treatment that requires you to stay at a recovery centre while undergoing your therapy and counselling sessions. Also called residential rehab, inpatient methadone rehab allows you to focus entirely on your recovery, free from the distractions of everyday life and away from access to methadone.

Inpatient methadone rehab also provides a far more comprehensive range of treatments and therapies than outpatient options which address every aspect of your dependence and recovery. It also gives you the chance to form important relationships with the methadone rehab staff and other people in recovery which can be invaluable in helping to keep you on track.

The benefits of methadone rehab

There are many benefits associated with undertaking a methadone rehab programme, including:

  • The chance of a new life free from methadone and its negative effects
  • Improved physical and mental health
  • Reduced risk of methadone overdose
  • The opportunity to repair relationships that have been affected by methadone use
  • A greater understanding of the underlying causes of your methadone dependency
  • The opportunity to form meaningful relationships with other people in recovery
  • Increased confidence, resilience and hope for the future

Overall, methadone rehab offers you the chance to take back control of your life and address your dependence on methadone in a safe and supportive environment.

Do I need methadone rehab?

If you are reading this, it is likely that you are already concerned about your methadone use. Here are some other signs which could indicate you need professional methadone rehab:

  • Spending a lot of time thinking about methadone or using it
  • Using methadone even though it is causing issues in your life
  • Using methadone recreationally or without a prescription
  • Engaging in dangerous activities while under the influence of methadone
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you don’t have access to methadone
  • Feeling like your life is out of control and unmanageable due to your use of methadone
  • Experiencing health issues as a result of taking methadone
  • Lying to your loved ones about your methadone use

If you are experiencing any of these signs and symptoms, methadone rehab could be the answer to help you regain control of your life.

Methadone rehab at Recovery Lighthouse

Our methadone rehab programmes are made up of a range of treatments and therapies designed to:

  • Help you understand and address the underlying causes of your methadone dependency
  • Teach you new skills and coping methods to help you stay on track in recovery
  • Provide you with the support and guidance of experienced counsellors and therapists
  • Help you build a strong support network to aid your methadone recovery
  • Provide relapse prevention strategies to help you avoid triggers and cravings

Many of our counsellors have been through recovery themselves and are passionate about helping people overcome addiction. They know exactly what you are going through and so can provide unique insights into the methadone recovery process.

During methadone rehab at Recovery Lighthouse, you will take part in:

  • One-to-one and group therapy
  • Family therapy sessions
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Dialectic behavioural therapy
  • 12-step meetings
  • Creative therapies such as art or music
  • Medication management as appropriate
  • Mindfulness and meditation

Methadone rehab - meditation therapy

How to make the most out of methadone rehab

If you are considering a methadone rehab programme, there are several steps you can take to make the most out of it:

  • Be open and honest with your counsellors – This will help them to develop a tailored methadone recovery plan which best suits your needs
  • Be proactive in your recovery – Keep track of your progress, write down any goals you have and take part in activities that motivate you
  • Take time for yourself – Methadone recovery is a marathon, not a sprint, so make sure you get enough rest and look after your physical and mental health
  • Surround yourself with positive people– Make sure to surround yourself with those who support and encourage you in your recovery journey
  • Ask for help if you need it – Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you are struggling or feeling overwhelmed

While methadone rehab will help to address underlying psychological causes, you will also need to break the physical dependence through methadone detox, which you will undergo alongside your therapy to make the process easier.

What happens after you finish methadone rehab?

Once you have finished your methadone rehab programme, it is important to have a solid aftercare plan in place. During your time at Recovery Lighthouse, we will help you to make your plan and provide weekly group therapy sessions for a year after you leave. These sessions will help to keep you on track and provide ongoing support as you continue your methadone recovery journey.

We also provide an Alumni Network where former clients can connect, attend special events and receive additional guidance from our team of dedicated counsellors. This will ensure that you are never left to struggle alone with cravings or difficult moments ever again.

Methadone relapse prevention tips

Leaving the sanctuary of methadone rehab and returning to your old life can be daunting and there will likely be times when you experience cravings or relapse triggers arise. To help you stay on track, here are our top methadone relapse prevention tips:

  • Avoid situations where you know methadone will be available
  • Build a strong support network of people who can help you stay focused and motivated
  • Find new hobbies, activities or interests to replace your former methadone use
  • Attend aftercare sessions, support groups and 12-step meetings regularly
  • Practise self-care and take care of both your mind and body
  • Reach out for help when things get tough
  • Remember the positive changes you are making in your life and focus on those during difficult moments

How to tell your loved ones about methadone rehab

For some people, the scariest thing about starting methadone rehab is telling their loved ones. It is normal to feel scared and overwhelmed but talking to your loved ones will help them understand what you are going through and provide the necessary support. Here is some advice about how to approach them:

  • Be open and honest about why you need methadone rehab
  • Show them this page so they can gain an understanding of the methadone rehab process
  • Explain what you hope to achieve from methadone rehab
  • Ask them to attend family therapy
  • Let them know that you appreciate their support
  • Above all, let them know that you are willing to do the work and make changes for a better future and life without methadone

Is methadone rehab a cure?

Methadone rehab is not a magic cure and it will take hard work to achieve lasting recovery. However, with the right attitude and dedication, methadone rehab can be incredibly effective in helping you to break your physical and psychological dependence on methadone.

The most important thing to understand is that methadone rehab requires a firm commitment. You need to be willing to take responsibility for your own recovery and make the necessary changes in order to achieve lasting sobriety.

What to do next

If you are ready to take the first and most important step on the road to methadone recovery, get in touch with Recovery Lighthouse today. Our admissions team will provide you with all the information and support you need in order to make an informed decision about your treatment.

Frequently asked questions

What is the success rate of methadone rehab programmes?
The success of methadone rehab programs can vary based on several factors, such as the individual’s motivation, the severity of their addiction, and the presence of any co-occurring mental health conditions. However, research has shown that methadone rehab is successful in reducing methadone use and related harm, improving social functioning and reducing rates of opioid-related overdose and mortality.
What should I look for in a methadone rehab centre?
When choosing a methadone rehab centre, it’s important to consider several factors, such as CQC rating, medical supervision, range of therapies, continued care and support and expert therapist and support staff. All of these factors are crucial in ensuring your time in methadone rehab is as successful as possible, giving you the best chance of long-term recovery.
How long does methadone rehab last?
The length of time that effective methadone rehab takes varies from person to person based on the duration and extent of their dependency, their commitment to the recovery programme and how well they respond to treatment. That is why Recovery Lighthouse offers a range of different methadone rehab programmes so you can choose the right one for you unique needs.