Alcohol Detox

Alcohol & Drug detox are different depending on each person. Here at Recovery Lighthouse we appreciate that there may be some anxiety experienced in regard to contemplating detoxification from alcohol. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be extremely unpleasant and, in some cases, life-threatening. Detoxing from alcohol in the community is not easy; some find it impossible. The temptation is all around, so when you are feeling the effects of withdrawal and knowing that another drink will fix it, can often lead to relapse.

At Recovery Lighthouse our advice is that an individual who is aware that they are misusing alcohol should never suddenly stop drinking without first seeking medical advice and or professional support. If you have become physically dependant on alcohol and you suddenly stop drinking, this could send you into acute withdrawals. Some of these withdrawal symptoms are dangerous and can lead to death. We cannot emphasise enough how dangerous suddenly stopping alcohol without the correct professional support can be.

Your safety is our priority at Recovery Lighthouse, and we will ensure that, where needed, you will receive a full medical detox. This will drastically reduce the withdrawal symptoms to comfortable levels and ensure that you do not suffer any symptoms that are likely to be life-threatening or hinder your recovery. You will be continually monitored throughout the detox period by our team. All medications will be administered under strict protocol by our staff who provide around the clock care at our clinic. We have qualified doctors who specialise in detoxification, and staff who will offer you continual encouragement and support throughout.

In order to ensure that any detoxification process is as comfortable as possible, our staff will monitor your progress on a daily basis and our doctors will regularly review your detoxification regime accordingly.

Drug Detox

Drugs come in many different forms, from liquids and powders to pills and solids. You can smoke, snort, inject, or swallow. It does not matter to us what drug you have been taking, how you administered it, or the lengths you went to get it. Everyone receiving treatment at the Recovery Lighthouse will be treated with care and with respect. Our aim is to help you recover from your addiction and go on to be a contented and productive member of society that need never return to drug use.

Detoxing from a physically addictive drug can be a very daunting prospect. The fear of experiencing withdrawal symptoms as well as how these will be managed, delays many individuals from getting the help and treatment that is so desperately needed. Drug addiction is a serious illness and many people die from it. At the Recovery Lighthouse we will do everything we can to ease your fears and make your detox experience as comfortable as possible. We want you to say ‘yes’ to treatment, so we have created a calming and caring environment that will make your detox and rehabilitation a very positive and life-changing experience.

As your safety while in our care is paramount at all times, we have a full complement of professionally trained and qualified staff to ensure you detox safely and successfully. We are experts in the field of treating addiction and this will be reflected in the treatment and care that you receive. If you are addicted to a drug that has resulted in physical dependence, you will be prescribed a suitable pharmaceutical substitute by our qualified doctors who specialise in drug detoxification. Our doctor will write up a detox regime that will be rigidly adhered to by our staff. The regime is prescribed to drastically reduce withdrawal symptoms and ensure you a maximum level of comfort throughout, while at the same time safely removing the physical dependency from your body. You will be continually monitored throughout the process by our team of counsellors, support workers, and medical staff. All medications are administered under strict protocol by staff who provide around the clock care at the clinic. You will continually receive high levels of support and encouragement while you are detoxing and throughout the rest of your rehabilitation programme.

For more information on specific detox regimes, please call and speak to a member of staff at our clinic. The duration of a detox varies depending on the drug you have been taking, the length of time you have been taking it, and the amount taken. Other factors such as age, sex, general health, and body mass can also affect the duration of the detox period. This is why our detoxes are only prescribed by our qualified doctors, ensuring your safety and comfort is paramount.

Recovery Lighthouse provides a safe haven for those requiring a detox and/or rehabilitation. You can take comfort in the fact that we offer a professional, caring, and compassionate approach to our clients’ treatment needs. The environment we provide is compassionate, patient, supportive and non-judgemental – an ideal place for you to recover and learn effective coping strategies and tools for living a life that is free from drugs, alcohol and or other addictive disorders.

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