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Call Now 0203 733 9983

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Why choose Recovery Lighthouse?

Recovery Lighthouse is a state of the art alcohol and drug rehab in West Sussex. All our staff are respected addiction treatment practitioners. We have a long history of helping people get well for many years, we care about the people we help and have had a great success in treating addictions and other related conditions.

We’ll help you beat your addiction.
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  • 1 year’s free aftercare
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Call Now 0203 733 9983

Call Now 0203 733 9983

Call Now 0203 733 9983

I got help.

Recovery Lighthouse helped me turn my life around. A huge thanks to all the staff here who stuck with me though my journey to recovery.

Our promise to you

We will provide the very best rehabilitation care for you or your loved ones, in our safe, caring and comfortable environment. We also promise 1 year’s free aftercare, to ensure our clients need never abuse another substance nor pick up another drink again.

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Call Now 0203 733 9983
Call Now 0203 733 9983

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Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Sussex

Most of the staff on our team have struggled with addiction at some point in the past, and most are in recovery themselves. When you choose our addiction rehab centre in Worthing, West Sussex everyone here is passionate about giving you the opportunity of a journey to a life free of addiction. We recognize the courage it takes to walk through our doors, and respect your willingness to change yourself.

Addiction Rehabilitation West Sussex

We are an experienced group of passionate addiction therapists who dedicate every resource necessary to the detoxification and rehabilitation of people who are struggling with addiction in West Sussex. Whether you are coming to us on an arranged visit with family, or you walk through our doors in the middle of the night, we immediately dedicate ourselves to your future.

Addiction Rehabilitation in the picturesque town of Worthing

We are patient, understanding, experienced professionals who treat everyone with utmost care and respect. Our drug and Alcohol Rehab is based in Worthing, Sussex. Which is a lovely place away from the hustle and bustle of noisy cities. This allows you time to relax and address your issues in a safe, rewarding environment. We cover virtually every kind of addiction; not as separate treatments, but through an integrated process, because most addictions are closely related; we treat the cause not the symptom. We don’t just try to cure an alcohol addiction. We get to the root of the matter; the cause. We help you understand past trauma, depression and anything else that may be contributing to your addictive behaviours.
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  • 18 Winchester Road
  • Worthing
  • West Sussex
  • BN11 4DJ

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