92% of our clients from UKAT Rehabs are still in recovery one year after treatment

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Recovery Lighthouse – Alcohol & Drug Addiction Rehab Centre
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Why choose Recovery Lighthouse?

Recovery Lighthouse is an alcohol and drug rehab centre based in West Sussex. All of our staff are respected addiction treatment practitioners, with a long history of helping people get well for many years, we care about the people we help and have had great success in treating addictions and other related conditions.

We specialise in your recovery.
  • Open 24hrs, 365 days a year
  • We treat all addictions
  • Detox & cravings
  • Seaside recovery rehab
  • Ensuite rooms available
  • Free lifetime aftercare

I got help.

Recovery Lighthouse helped me turn my life around. A huge thanks to all the staff here who stuck with me through my journey to recovery.

Our promise to you

We will provide the very best rehabilitation care for you or your loved ones, in our safe, caring and comfortable environment. We also promise one year’s free aftercare to ensure our clients need never abuse another substance nor pick up another drink again.

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The 12-Step Programme at Recovery Lighthouse

12-step therapy is a proven, structured approach to addiction recovery, helping countless individuals regain control of their lives. Recovery Lighthouse integrates the 12-step programme into our holistic treatment plan, offering support for those battling an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or compulsive behaviours. This method emphasises spiritual, mental, and physical health, guiding you through steps like acceptance, trust, self-reflection, and making amends. Challenges such as embracing a higher power and being open in group settings are common but surmountable. Our supportive community and comprehensive care at Recovery Lighthouse help you achieve lasting sobriety and personal growth. Contact us to start your journey.