Completing treatment is the platform upon which our client’s recovery is built. However, maintaining recovery once treatment is complete is the key to long term abstinence and fulfilling life. Clients often have misconceptions as to the importance of aftercare and can sometimes mistakenly believe that a primary treatment episode at an addictions clinic will in itself suffice where the maintenance of recovery from addiction is concerned.

The Recovery Lighthouse like many other clinics can report that statistically, those clients that continue to attend aftercare and or fellowship meetings have a far higher success rate than those who through a mixture of over-confidence or complacency determine that they have completed treatment and consider this as all that is necessary for long term sobriety.

During treatment, clients receive plenty of relapse prevention help and learn about their triggers for relapse, how to cope with cravings, and many other tools and techniques to help them remain abstinent from addictive behaviours. However upon leaving treatment and during the early months of sobriety, life can produce challenges that individuals new to recovery may experience as physically, psychologically and emotionally overwhelming and it is with this in mind that we recommend that wherever possible clients graduating from treatment utilise all that is available by means of support and guidance in order to ensure that life remains manageable enough to maintain sobriety. Clients are strongly advised to follow their individual continued recovery plans developed at The Recovery Lighthouse clinic and we strongly encourage continuous involvement with 12-Step groups as well as attendance at aftercare sessions held on a weekly basis at The Recovery Lighthouse clinic.

A qualified therapist will facilitate aftercare groups and you will have the opportunity to enhance your support network and glean further from some in these groups who may well have already encountered and traversed many obstacles to maintaining recovery.

We provide a year free aftercare for clients who graduate from our program, who can then attend The Recovery Lighthouse aftercare groups and receive continued support.

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