Turning Life Around After a Drug Addiction

Once an individual develops an addiction to drugs, his or her life will likely change completely – usually for the worst. Drugs have a certain hold over people because these substances are highly addictive; this usually means negative consequences for the addict as well as for their loved ones.

It can be extremely difficult to overcome a drug addiction, but with the right support and with the determination of the addict, it is entirely possible to turn your life around after a drug addiction. Take Emma Scott for example; this woman found herself on a downward spiral of drug abuse and criminal activity. Nevertheless, she realised that she needed to change her life and now, with the help of rehabilitation, she has successfully beaten her addiction.

One Last Chance

A judge has congratulated forty-year-old Emma for overcoming her addiction and turning her life around. She was given one last chance of avoiding jail in June 2016 as she had just started a drug rehabilitation programme at the time and pleaded with the judge by telling him that she didn’t want to be like this anymore. It was a real turning point for her as she has managed to successfully get her heroin addiction under control and has not partaken in any further criminal activity.

Encouraging Picture

Emma has started using the medically prescribed drug methadone instead of abusing heroin, and she is finding that this is beneficial. She is being monitored by an addiction service and has been regularly attending reviews of her drug rehabilitation order at the court.

She was caught stealing £182 worth of sunglasses, clothes and perfumes from a TK Maxx store in Barnstaple while already on a suspended sentence. She admitted to the theft at a hearing in June, and her sentence was deferred. However, judge Geoffrey Mercer QC then imposed a twelve-month drug rehabilitation requirement, telling her, “Overall, the picture is encouraging. I am very pleased to hear that [that she has been working on overcoming her drug addiction]. I am told you are feeling quite well in yourself. You have found accommodation. Now you must stay strong.”

Motivation and Determination

Prosecuting barrister Andrew Macfarlane told the court that Scott received a suspended sentence in March 2016 after stealing a woman’s purse from her handbag in a shop. She was arrested again in April 2016 for shoplifting in Barnstaple. Her defence, James Taghdissian, explained, “There is good news in this case. She has complied with the conditions of her deferral. She has just moved into a three bedroom flat with her partner and stepson. She has told me she really enjoyed doing the group work in the thinking skills course with the probation service and would welcome more support with a further DRR.”

The judge was pleased with her motivation and determination to overcome her severe drug addiction and turn her life around. He therefore imposed a drug rehabilitation order rather than a prison sentence as he recognised that this would be more beneficial in this circumstance.

Crucial Step Towards Recovery

There are so many people around the UK just like Emma Scott who have become so wrapped up in the world of drug abuse that they will turn to crime to fund their addiction. This often leads to prison sentences and criminal records for these individuals, which is never good. Nevertheless, those willing to make a change and take that crucial step towards recovery can contact us here at Recovery Lighthouse. Our aim is to ensure that all affected individuals successfully overcome their addiction and move on to lead a happy and sober life. Contact us today for information about our services.


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