Cannabis Addiction Link To Borderline Personality Disorder

There are often calls for cannabis to be made legal here in the UK. In the US, many states have made the decision to legalise the drug for recreational and or medicinal use, but here in the UK, the law remains steadfast; cannabis is a Class B drug and illegal.

There are some who would argue that because cannabis is natural, it is harmless and not capable of causing addiction. However, many experts disagree, as do those whose lives have been negatively affected by a cannabis addiction. One such individual is Matthew John Webber.

Personality Disorder

Webber’s seventeen-year cannabis addiction has been described as a ‘major catalyst’ for his borderline personality disorder. Nevertheless, he has recently found himself in court after threatening supermarket staff as he tried to steal a trolley loaded with groceries and television sets.

On February 10th, Webber visited an Asda store in the early hours and tried to leave without paying for the goods in his trolley. He was confronted by staff member Mark Linthwaite but shouted at him to ‘just call the police’. When Mr Linthwaite tried to stop him leaving with the goods, Webber told him he would knife him. Police were called, and he was later found hiding in nearby bushes.

He has blamed his personality disorder for the events and said that this was down to a long cannabis addiction that he had recently kicked. He admitted that his memory of the incident is hazy but acknowledged that he went into the store with the intention of stealing as he was struggling with no money.


Webber said that he had suffered from a relapse when his life began to go downhill. His relationship with his partner had ended, and he had lost his business. He was also homeless and had started using cannabis once more. On the day of the theft, he had been drinking and smoking cannabis. He had stopped taking prescription medication, and although he made threats about knifing the staff member, he did not actually have a knife in his possession at the time.

Probation officer Maggs Hopwood explained that Webber had been left feeling suicidal and there was a risk of self-harm. However, he had been trying to get his life back on track and wanted to live responsibly, enjoying being a talented artist and musician. He escaped jail and was given a suspended twelve-week prison sentence as well as an order to pay £200 in costs and charges.

Beating Addiction

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