Addiction Recovery Clinics Doing Everything They Can to Help Addicts

It has become apparent that as more and more people around the UK suffer from addiction, the demand for addiction services is growing. There are limited spaces in these centres, though, and they often have extensive waiting lists of affected individuals who require help with trying to overcome their addiction. Many of these centres work tirelessly to try and ensure that they can help as many people as possible at any one time. Teen Challenge North East Scotland is putting in a massive effort to try and raise funds so that they can buy the Benaiah Centre, which they currently rent to support women suffering from addiction. They are doing this so that they can try to assist more individuals by renovating the centre to make use of additional space.

On a Mission

Gordon Cruden is a man on a mission and is planning to walk over six-hundred miles carrying a 12-foot cross around Scotland’s coast. Gordon works alongside Teen Challenge North East Scotland, which is a charity that helps people overcome their addiction and go on to lead a sober, happy life afterwards. He has organised the event and plans on completing it in just thirty days; with masses of support, he is confident that he can do it. The walk will begin on Easter Sunday 2017, with Gordon setting off from the Benaiah Centre, near Mintlaw and then heading northwards around Scotland’s coastline before heading back to the North East.


The challenge has been organised in an attempt to raise funds for Teen Challenge’s campaign to purchase the women’s addiction recovery accommodation at Benaiah, which they currently lease from the landlord. The campaign will run for five years and hopes to raise the £535,000 needed to buy the home, which currently provides treatments and a safe environment for addicted women in the area. Gordon will work tirelessly to ensure that he raises a substantial amount of funding to support the project.

Heart-Breaking Statistics

Gordon, who is from Fraserburgh, said, “It’s clear that our work to put hope in the reach of addicts and help them out of the mess and mayhem of addiction, is as essential as ever. We have to remember that at the centre of each of these cases are families and friends devastated by the collateral damage caused by drugs. This makes our People’s Crosswalk Challenge all the more timely. The initiative will raise money needed to buy our women’s addiction recovery home, Benaiah, as we look to do all we can to help individuals from becoming another heart-breaking statistic. We’re looking for as many people as possible to get involved and we’d encourage anyone interested in taking part in the challenge to get in touch.”

Overcoming an Addiction

You may have addiction issues in your life, whether yourself or a loved one and you may be unsure of how to deal with the problem. If this is the case, get in touch with us here at Recovery Lighthouse today. It is our priority to ensure that we help as many people as possible when they are trying to overcome their addiction. All we ask is that the affected individual is motivated and determined to kick his or her habit for good. Once this is so, we can provide the tools to make this happen. Our clinic ensures maximum comfort with helpful, friendly staff on hand at all times. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us today and we would be more than happy to assist you.