Chevy Chase Enters Rehab for Alcohol Problem

Addiction affects individuals from all walks of life, including some that many people might not expect. With such negative stereotyping surrounding the illness, it is common for many to just assume that addiction only affects a certain type of person. Many are of the opinion that only those from deprived backgrounds or those who have had a traumatic upbringing will turn to illegal drugs. These same individuals often forget that alcohol is an addictive substance that can affect absolutely anyone.

Those who abuse alcohol are risking problems such as alcohol addiction and may need to enter a rehab facility in order to overcome their issues. However, despite what most believe, the stereotypical alcoholic is often completely different.

Negative Assumptions

It is not correct to assume that alcoholics are all dirty, homeless and spend all day swigging cheap alcohol out of bottles wrapped in brown paper bags. Nor is it correct to assume that all alcoholics are estranged from their families and unable to hold down a job.

In fact, most people who are struggling with alcohol are just like everybody else apart from the fact that they have this illness. They continue to go to work, they have nice homes and loving families. To the outside world, they have a perfect life. But to those who know them well, alcoholism is a major problem and one that will eventually require professional help.

Checking into Rehab

It has been reported that comedian and actor Chevy Chase has checked into rehab for an alcohol problem. His representative has described his admission to the Hazelden Addiction Treatment Centre as a ‘tune-up’, adding, “Chevy wants to be the best that he can be.”

It is not the actor’s first stint in rehab; he was admitted to the Betty Ford Clinic during the eighties for an addiction to prescription medication. He had suffered from back problems and was prescribed strong painkillers for it, but unfortunately, like many others, he developed an addiction to them.

It is also alleged that the star was a heavy cocaine user early in his career. Authors Jeff Weingrad and Douglas Hill say in their book Saturday Night: A Backstage History of Saturday Night Live that Chase was the first person to use cocaine heavily, mainly because of being the first person with the financial means to do so.

Sources told the authors that “His coke consumption often exceeded two grammes a day, an amount that caused him to swing at times between megalomania and paranoia, and on occasion left him all but incoherent.”

Chase has denied this and claimed ‘low-level’ drug use, saying “I never shot things up or freebased. I was pretty low-level when it came to drug abuse. I checked myself into the Betty Ford Clinic after my nose started to hurt.”

Fame and Addiction

With him now checking into rehab for an alcohol problem, it highlights the link between fame and addiction, which seems to be a growing problem. Unfortunately, the two often go hand in hand, with many celebrities struggling to cope with the pressure of life in the spotlight.

The fact that these individuals have more money than they know what to do with as well as people who will cater to their every whim often leads them to believe they can get away with more than the average person can. Others will find it difficult to cope with the fact that their every move is being scrutinised by the media and hence turn to drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism.

Some feel they need these substances to give them the confidence to face the public, while others believe that they are only creative when they are under the influence of mood-altering substances.


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