Denise Welch Talks About Depression and Alcohol Addiction

There are many reasons people turn to alcohol; some do so out of curiosity while others do so to help them cope with the pressures and stresses of everyday life. Alcohol abuse is often linked with mental health problems such as depression or anxiety. While some people drink to cope with these mental health problems, others develop such problems as a result of their excessive alcohol consumption.

Actress Denise Welch has spoken candidly about how her own mental health problems led to her drinking alcohol and said that a mental breakdown is the type of event that could lead some people to end up living on the streets.

Terrible Blackness

Denise’s struggle with alcohol addiction in the past is something she has always been honest about, and she has opened up about her depression and mental breakdown that she has called a ‘terrible blackness’.

Speaking at a recent event for the homeless charity Centrepoint, she said that many individuals end up homeless because of mental breakdown. She also added that most people are ‘just a few steps away from losing everything’.  She continued, “But for many homeless people, their breakdowns are untreated, and their lives fall apart… It can happen to anybody.”

Short Film

Denise and son Louis are starring in a short film which is based on her own illness. Denise plays a woman being driven to suicide by her teenage boy, played by Louis. The actress has also written a novel in which a woman who seems to have everything to those on the outside is actually trapped in an unhappy marriage.

Denise says that although she managed to overcome her issues with alcohol a number of years ago, she still struggles with depression and mental health problems. Her most recent episode was just two months ago, where she was struck with depression for three days. She said, “I no longer compound my illness with alcohol – I won that battle five years ago – but I still have episodes.”

Post-Natal Depression

Denise admits that her battles with depression began after the birth of her first child Matt, who is now twenty-seven. She said, “I never resented Matthew, but all I wanted to do was sit in my dressing gown and have somebody give me an injection to make everything go away.”

She admits that she is doing well now and that with the help of husband Lincoln, she manages to stay strong.

Overcoming Addiction

Denise has managed to beat her addiction to alcohol and you can too. If you are struggling with mental health problems and have turned to alcohol in a bid to cope, we can help. We have experience of helping patients with dual diagnosis overcome their addictions through our comprehensive treatment programmes.

You can rest assured that your needs will be fully met by our team as we work with you to create a treatment plan that will work. Our clinic is decorated to the highest standards to ensure your comfort while your safety is our number one priority.

With programmes that include both traditional therapies and holistic treatments, you can be sure that you will get constant support throughout your time with us. Our staff are dedicated and caring, and many of them have completed their own recovery journeys, so are well placed to offer helpful advice and information about the recovery process.

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