Drug Addict Hands Jeremy Kyle Heroin on Her Way to Rehab

Trying to get a loved one to accept that he or she needs help for a drug addiction is a difficult thing to do. Many addicts are unwilling to give up the drugs that they feel they need. Others believe they have their life under control and do not think they actually have a problem that must be tackled.

It is often the case that family members will arrange an intervention to try to make their addicted loved one see the effect that their addiction is having on the rest of the family, and this can be very successful. Many addicts will enter rehab after an effective intervention.

Some family members may get to the point where they give their loved one an ultimatum – either get help or leave the family home, for example. Recently, there has been a surge in people appearing on The Jeremy Kyle Show in the hope that they can get an addicted loved one to accept the help that the show is offering. The show has provided rehabilitation places for a number of addicted individuals over the years but never before has the host, Jeremy Kyle, been handed drugs on air.


Jeremy was visibly shocked when a guest, who was in the process of leaving the show to enter rehab for a drug addiction, turned to him and placed a bag of heroin in his pocket. Kyle said, “What’s that, drugs? You have given me drugs? That has never happened in 11 years.”

When he asked guest Jodie what was in the bag, she told him, “It’s heroin.”

Jeremy could not hide his shock or disbelief when he said, “You’ve just given me heroin on camera?”, to which Jodie confirmed and apologised.


As with all guests on the show, Jodie was searched by security personnel but they missed the drugs she had, and when the scenes were aired, a message was placed on the screen to let viewers know she had been searched but that the drugs had been missed. Once the drugs were handed to Jeremy, they were destroyed, according to ITV sources.

Jodie had been offered a twelve-week stay at a rehab clinic in Luton. Clinic founder Perry Clayman appeared on the show, telling her, “We are offering you 12 weeks’ residential rehabilitation at the PCP Centre in Luton where we are going to detox you of all of these drugs and give you the therapy and treatment to be drug-free when you come out.”

Destructive Addiction

Jodie’s was joined on the show by family members and friends who had hoped she would get help for her £1,000 a week addiction to heroin. They told of how she had lied to them as well as stole from them in order to fund her habit. Her mother admitted that Jodie’s addiction was destroying their lives. Jodie’s addiction began when she was just fourteen years of age. Jodie admitted herself that she was desperate to get clean, but since the show aired, it was revealed that she only managed three weeks at the clinic. However, the show’s Twitter account revealed that Jodie is ‘now living life drug-free’.

Committing to Recovery

Detox and rehabilitation are vital for those who want to conquer a drug addiction. A supervised detox is the safest way to quit drugs and to get them out of the system, but this is only the start of recovery. For long-term success, patients must be willing to commit to a programme of rehabilitation where they can identify the cause of their addictive behaviour and learn how to recognise triggers so that they can avoid them in the future. To ensure a successful recovery, those who enter rehab must be willing to make the necessary changes required for sober living as this will help them to maintain their sobriety in the long-term.


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