More Addiction Services to Support Recovering Addicts

In the UK, more and more people are falling victim to drug and alcohol addictions, which is causing serious concern; especially as there has been a gradual but steady increase over recent years. As more individuals are suffering from addiction, there need to be more addiction treatment services to support them. One addiction charity that is doing everything it can to secure a new site for a treatment centre to help recovering drug and alcohol addicts is The Carpenters Arms. This charity has sent in proposals to their local council to ask for permission to purchase a hotel to convert into a recovery centre to help addicts fully overcome their addictions once and for all.

Proposed Plans

The Carpenters Arms is in the process of trying to purchase the Six Hills Hotel, which is situated just off the A46 and is approximately ten miles away from Melton. The charity would like to turn the hotel into a recovery centre for drug and alcohol addicts and have submitted proposed plans to this effect to Charnwood Council. Ideally, the charity would like to have 29 bedrooms with fourteen bedrooms with shared bathing areas. The social areas would be turned into a retail space, which would provide work experience and raise funds for the charity, while the existing restaurant and coffee shop would be left as is.

Challenging Times

The charity would use ten of the first-floor bedrooms as both counselling and medical areas for residents while two on the second floor would be turned into separate rooms for archive records, secure storage and staff welfare. According to the charity, this site has significant benefits, including parking spaces for 200 cars, it is easily accessible by road, and it makes use of the first floor so that it is suitable for disabled visitors and residents. The application for planning stated that the hotel is up for sale and has continued trading despite ‘challenging times in the current financial market’.

Ideal Opportunity

A report for Charnwood planners states, “The applicant is a registered charity that runs a small residential rehabilitation facility in the centre of Loughborough for men, who are challenged by drug and alcohol addiction and, as such, is now seeking to expand this programme to larger premises in the locality. Six Hills Hotel, therefore, represents an ideal opportunity to do so, in that, subject to minor modification, its current bedroom accommodation and existing facilities can be utilised straight away to meet the charity’s immediate requirements with the added benefit of providing surplus space and scope for future expansion.”

Additional Information and Queries

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Source: Plans to house recovering addicts at established hotel (Melton Times)