Overcoming Addiction Before It is Too Late

Drug addiction is an incredibly destructive illness that can consume the life of the individual without this person even realising. It can turn the addict into a shell of their former self, and it can be distressing for loved ones to see. Tina Drake is a mother who recently lost her son to a drug addiction, and she is now trying to raise awareness for this devastating illness that claims the lives of so many people around the world every year.

Initial Shock

Tina, from Dorchester, has recently released a poem that was written by her late son Simon Hooper, who passed away in prison after a long battle with drugs. The poem details his struggle with drugs, and his mother is hoping that it will go some way to encouraging drug addicts to overcome their addiction. Simon sadly suffered a cardiac arrest in prison earlier this year as a result of his prolonged drug abuse, tragically just a day before his 38th birthday.

Tina said, “After the initial shock, the first thing I thought of was his poem, and I knew I had to find it because it was so relevant. He wasn’t a golden boy, and we’re not saying that. He was troubled. But he was still my son, and I loved him. He was very young when he got into drugs, about 13 or 14. He just took the wrong path. He had sought help two days before he died. Drugs can make good people bad. It’s an addiction. Everyone has a story, and we don’t want people to judge. If his poem can make a difference to just one person and encourage them to take a different path, then it’s worth it. I just don’t want any other mum to go through what I have. No mother should have to lose their child.”

Raising Awareness

Tina and her sister Julia believe that the poem will encourage addicts to make positive changes as well as to increase awareness of the issues and impacts that come with a drug addiction. Julia said, “His poem is keeping something of him alive. It has in a sense made his life worth it – something good has come out of it.” She also added that the pair is planning to visit schools to warn children of the dangerous impacts of drug addiction.

Emotional Poem

The poem was read out at Simon’s funeral and left almost everyone in tears. Here is an excerpt:

An Angel do send, my demons all wake me, now every day!

And I plead with the devil to chase them away.

He pretends to be helpful, makes out he’s my friend.

Although, he’s the one that brings my dreams to an end.

I wait for an angel to fight my demons instead.

A guardian to put all my nightmares to bed.

Life’s not all easy, it’s a challenge to breathe, the devil he knows this, and he tempts me to leave.

He pushes his poison right into my heart.

Ripping and tearing my body apart!

And now that the poison has entered my brain, his way of keeping my soul locked in chains – because now without him, I’m riddled with pains; watching my life as it’s sucked down the drains!

I live by the minute, I’m working for him; a slave to the powder – I take for my sins.

A powder named “H”, “the gear” or “the smack”, when I can escape it, I’ll never look back!

Help and Support

So many people around the world, like Simon, have unfortunately succumbed to a drug addiction. However, if you are battling an addiction and would like to address the issue before it is too late, contact us here at Recovery Lighthouse. We can assist in helping you overcome your addiction and move on to lead a happy, sober life. Contact us today for more information.

Source: Mother who lost son to drug addiction hopes his poem will inspire others to seek the help they need (Dorset Echo)