Drug addictions cause problems not only here in the UK but also in many other parts of the world. Countless individuals take drugs themselves but also supply them to others to fund their habit. Sadly, drug addiction has far-reaching implications as it affects more than just the person concerned; it also affects their loved ones and the wider community.

Drug abuse is often the cause of many crimes, which puts pressure on the police and the criminal justice system. It also leads to mental and physical health problems, which in turn places a massive strain on the NHS. This is an issue for everyone in the UK as these services are struggling to cope and, at the end of the day, it is the taxpayer footing the bill.

Supplying Drugs

Paul Henderson, 38, of Dundee, was recently sentenced to three years in prison after being caught hiding a stash of cannabis worth up to £10,000 at his grandmother’s home in Dundee. Henderson admitted intent to supply the drugs; the court was told of his previous drug convictions, which included supplying heroin.

Eilidh Robertson, fiscal depute, told the court that the authorities conducted a raid on Henderson’s elderly grandmother’s home on May 20th 2016. She added, “The accused was found within the property and was detained. A backpack containing 40 blocks of cannabis resin was found in the living room along with a knife with cannabis resin residue on the blade.”

Took Advantage

These blocks of cannabis resin were found to weigh 100 grammes each. Each of these 100-gramme blocks would typically sell for anything between £140 to £250. However, this does depend on the overall quality of the cannabis; if the blocks were each sold in the smallest deal quantity, they could rack up anything up to £10,000. Miss Robertson explained that Henderson’s grandmother returned to her home during the search and denied any knowledge of the drugs. The court was informed that Henderson was often at his grandmother’s house alone, so he would take advantage of this.

Drug Debts

Once Henderson was detained, he insisted that he was only storing the drugs to pay off drug-related debts he had accumulated. Defending solicitor John Boyle said, “He had a substantial heroin addiction, which led to his previous conviction for supplying heroin. He is now on a methadone prescription, but on top of that, he also has a cannabis addiction. He was using a lot of cannabis and had acquired debt through that.”

Henderson pleaded guilty to being in possession of the Class B drug cannabis resin at his grandmother’s property. Sheriff Alastair Brown told Henderson, “With your record, there has to be a high starting point – you will go to prison for three years.”

Overcoming Addiction

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