Teenage addiction is more common than many believe. During adolescence, many teenagers experiment with drugs and alcohol, and while most will not develop any problems with these substances, some will continue to abuse them until they have developed a serious addiction.

Thankfully, there is a lot of help available for those with addiction problems. As well as treatment programmes funded by the NHS, there are a number of private organisations around the UK offering specialised treatment for teenagers with addiction, including Recovery Lighthouse. So even if one develops an addiction at an early age, life is not over. Addiction is a treatable illness and can be overcome with the right help and support.

Fitting in After Recovery

If you are an affected individual but have already received treatment for addiction and are now in recovery, you may be worried about how you will fit in now that you are sober. This may be even more worrisome for you if you are planning to attend university or college and where you may feel you will have to miss out on the social aspect of this experience.

Although most people assume that the only social side of college and university involves parties and drinking games, the reality is that not everyone your age likes to drink. In fact, many people are choosing not to drink and who do not rely on alcohol to have fun. This is evident in the popularity of so-called dry bars that are springing up in major cities such as London, Liverpool and Birmingham.

Find Alcohol-Free Activities

Many students prefer to take part in alcohol-free activities such as dancing, and watching movies. Some even like to attend parties but choose not to drink or take drugs. They do not have to rely on chemical substances to have fun, and neither do you. However, it will undoubtedly be harder for you to attend parties where alcohol and drugs will be present because of your history, so it would be wise to take up a hobby or activity where fun can be had without alcohol or drugs being involved.

Avoid Your Old Friends

If you want to make your new sober life easier, then you should stay away from the people with whom you used to drink or take drugs. You may find that they are keen to stay away from you too now that they know you are determined to stay sober, so this will probably be easier than you think.

Build a New Sober Social Life

You may find that many students do not want to get involved in the party scene and who enjoy sober activities. You may even find other students who have also been through a similar journey to yours and are also looking for someone they can relate to. Focus on building friendships with those who shun the party lifestyle.

Thing About Fitness

One thing that most addicts have in common is their lack of interest in their health and wellbeing. While addicted, you probably didn’t give much thought to how you looked or what you ate. Now is the perfect time to put this right and concentrate on getting fit and healthy. Sports are a great way to boost your confidence and make you feel better. See if there is a team sport you can join as this will help in your efforts to make new friends and it will give you something to focus on.

Alternatively, join the gym and start a fitness programme as this can help you to take care of yourself as well as help you feel more energetic. Take care of your diet too and begin eating more healthily; you will notice a difference in how you look and how you feel.

Remember that it is possible to fit in after addiction. Life does not revolve around alcohol or drugs and you can have plenty of fun without either of these chemical substances in your life.