Group Therapy

Group therapy is at the heart of the treatment program at Recovery Lighthouse because this form of therapeutic intervention encourages the individual to come out of the isolation so often experienced by those suffering from the illness of addiction. Group therapy promotes the value of shared experience where working through one’s problems is concerned. Joining a group may feel daunting at first, however, group therapy can provide certain benefits that individual therapy cannot and clients’ who choose to engage in group therapy often report their surprise as to the rewards of this form of treatment.

As noted above, therapy groups alleviate individual isolation and the notion that one is alone with problems that are unique and without resolution. Group work provides a support network, a platform for the shared experiencing lifes events, from a diverse group with different personalities and perspectives. This offers each group member a valuable source of feedback and the opportunity to consider alternative ways of approaching their own individual life problems.

Healing and positive change for the individual come as the group member recognises the culture of trust and acceptance, or similarities that gradually indicate to the individual that they are not alone but rather are in fact connected.

Group members also have the advantage of witnessing the emerging change taking place for their peers and as such can glean hope and faith in the overall process of change as it takes place within the group dynamic. Of course, group membership promotes a need for the individuals within the group dynamic to both give and receive from one another and this interpersonal process raises individual self-esteem, as it affirms the individual as having something to offer and of being worthy of the offerings of others.

The group setting offers much that is of therapeutic value including the potential for individuals to enhance their social skills and to utilise these more readily to address relational concerns outside of the therapeutic group dynamic. As individual group members recognise the value of the group, of their individual capacity to intentionally, ‘be with others’, the individuals’ self-concept and world viewpoint become more positive and their personal accountability increases, as does the level of their self-esteem.

At Recovery Lighthouse our qualified therapists will seek to help you fully engage in the group therapy sessions, they will support you in the early phase of group initiation and encourage you throughout to make the most of what is a most effective form of therapeutic approach.

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