In many cases, a drug addiction is a primary factor in relationship breakdowns, but the addict may not fully appreciate the severity of the situation until it is too late. The hostility that the addict may display towards loved ones is often enough to cause the relationship to deteriorate, sometimes irreparably.

Drug addictions can make people act in a way that they wouldn’t normally. They may resort to stealing to fund their addiction or behave in a violent manner. This behaviour can come as a shock to those who knew the person before they developed an addiction. There is a reason why addiction and crime are often linked.

Brave Members of Staff

Footage has recently emerged that shows a thief entering a Boots pharmacy in Hull. The thief tried to remove the till from the desk it was sitting on, but just as he attempted to do this, four brave members of staff raced to the scene and overpowered him.

During the attempted burglary, the manager of the store was seen hitting the robber with a plastic bin lid, which resulted in the perpetrator dropping the money all over the floor. He tried to take coins from the floor but gave up when he realised that he was being overpowered by the female members of staff. This is the story of yet another addiction and crime-related disaster for this person and his family.

“Shaken Up the Whole Team”

The clip lasts for just over one minute and ends with the thief running for the door to escape, before the determined staff pull him back and hold the door shut, keeping him locked inside until the police arrive to arrest him. It was eventually found that the burglar was a boxing coach and heroin addict named Michael Newton who had previously worked for successful boxer Tommy Coyle.

Judge Mark Bury was full of praise for the four members of staff and was impressed by their courage. He added, “If those four ladies don’t get Employee of the Month for September in Boots, it’s a poor do.”

“You don’t ever expect this kind of thing to happen, do you, and it’s shaken up the whole team,” said the manager in her victim statement. While Ru Ong, a pharmacist at the store, added: “The manager tried to stop him, and they struggled back and forth, but she just would not allow him to get away.”

Rehab Order

Newton admitted to the robbery after being arrested and was sentenced to a twelve-month jail sentence, suspended for twelve months. He was also sentenced to 150 hours of unpaid community service. As for his heroin addiction, he was ordered to go through thirty days of rehab.

Beating Your Addiction

It can be extremely challenging to try to overcome a drug addiction, especially when trying to do it alone. Many addicts will refuse to consider rehab as they feel that they do not have a problem, so, therefore, do not need help. Denial can often cause the addiction to get worse because it is left untreated.

Here at Recovery Lighthouse, we can ensure that you do not have to go through this alone. Our dedicated and friendly staff are on hand at all times to make sure that, should you choose our facility, your experience here is comfortable and most importantly, successful.

We will make sure that the treatment you receive will be beneficial to your specific needs and that you are completely supported throughout the process. Our fully trained staff can provide a host of treatments for any type of addiction while our intensive programme of rehabilitation will give you the head-start you need to move on to a life free from drugs. If you require any further information, contact us today, and we will be more than happy to assist.


  1. Heroin addict BATTERED by four heroic Boots pharmacy girls whie attempting robbery in AMAZING CCTV