Holistic Therapy

Here at Recovery Lighthouse, our clients will have the opportunity to benefit from some of our holistic treatment therapies whilst in their rehabilitation program. The therapies we currently offer are detailed below, along with some of the benefits.

The term holistic means consideration of and care for the entirety of the individual human organism, rather than simply placing the emphasis on a particular symptom or component part of the individual, it is an alternative to more traditional treatments used to address physical symptoms and illnesses. Holistic therapy treats the person as a whole, rather than just focusing on one aspect of the individual’s malady. The premise of taking a holistic approach to therapy at Recovery Lighthouse is that we can then treat all aspects of the individuals functioning in the physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual and social sense.

The holistic therapies we offer at Recovery Lighthouse are incorporated both to enhance the detoxification process in that they help to ease physical symptoms and psychological or emotional stressors and to aid the overall rehabilitation process, by seeking to help the individual to achieve greater interconnected balance in all aspects of their functioning.

Our holistic approach seeks to view the individuals functioning as a synthesis in which, where one element is positively impacted upon, then this will have a positive impact on all other elements of the individuals functioning, for example, holistic therapies such as meditation or mindfulness are particularly effective in alleviating stress, depression and anxiety and where the holistic treatment is effective in reducing any of these cognitive, emotional or behavioural symptoms, there will also be an enhancement in the individuals social and spiritual functions.

At Recovery Lighthouse our therapists will encourage you to explore your entire lifestyle and will emphasise through the use of holistic therapies how important it is to our health, well-being and of course to any potential for long term recovery from addiction, that time is taken to relax, to self-reflect, to be open-minded and creative and to find that balanced living brings with it a capacity to become fully functioning and therefore disinclined to depend on addictive substances or behaviours to facilitate contented experiencing.

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