Individual Therapy

While the majority of treatment interventions are based around a group therapy approach, at Recovery Lighthouse we also provide weekly individual therapy sessions. Upon admission to the clinic, you will be allocated an individual therapist who will introduce themselves to you and take the lead in formulating a collaborative treatment plan that will serve to aid you in identifying your particular individual needs and goals whilst in treatment and also upon completion of treatment.

Individual therapy sessions offer you the opportunity to develop a trusting relationship with a qualified therapist who will listen and respond to your concerns. You will be able to use individual sessions in which to explore in detail, specific concerns that may have otherwise been overlooked or have been experienced as too difficult to explore within the group therapy dynamic. In individual therapy, there will be time to focus in on issues and to unravel past experiences as they might relate to present-day concerns.

Individual therapy involves exploring your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, there may, for example, be a need to explore relationships with significant others past or present or a particular concern around self-esteem or anxiety or depression. At Recovery Lighthouse your individual therapist will work with you collaboratively to determine what you would like to explore and how to begin this process. Your therapist will be able to offer you support during this process and in some instances may be able to offer potential strategies that serve to aid you in changing negative thought patterns which would otherwise lead to negative feeling and behaviour processes.

The concerns you may wish to present in individual therapy may be wide-ranging and identifying a specific topic to explore may seem daunting however our trained therapy team will allow you to take your time, to lead the exploration process and to gradually identify the concerns that are most troubling and as such most likely to hinder your attempts to reach your goal of long term sobriety and a fulfilling life experience.

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