Paula Reece
Paula Reece

Centre Manager

Paula joined Recovery Lighthouse as Centre Manager from UKAT’s Sanctuary Lodge. She spent many years working within a commercial environment as a manager of office processes, people and recruitment. She has been working within drug and alcohol services for five years, for private treatment centres and one of UK’s largest charity-funded community services.
Paula is very passionate about supporting and empowering addicts to enable them to help themselves, to be part of education around addiction, the emotional processes and underlying issues associated with this.

As part of her professional development, Paula is currently studying towards a BACP Diploma in Integrative Counselling and QCF Level 5 Management and is looking forward to utilising these skills and values in the workplace
Paula is a skilled mindfulness and meditation practitioner, as a participant and meditation leader, practices yoga on a regular basis and is a qualified auricular acupuncturist. This encompasses a holistic approach to her physical, mental and emotional well-being.

“I decided the time was right to integrate the skills I had acquired in the business sector to the values I live by in my personal life, the 12 Step Programme has empowered me to grow emotionally and spiritually, and it is a humbling experience to witness individuals follow the same path.
I am proud to be part of Recovery Lighthouse and the UKAT approach to addiction treatment”.


Jack Turner - Counsellor at Recovery Lighthouse
Jack Turner

Senior Counsellor

Although his formative years of training saw him working closely with clients struggling with alcohol and substance misuse, at both Action for Change and CRI, he also worked with St. Wilfrid’s Hospice, where he learned the healing potential of empathy, positivity, and genuineness towards clients who were experiencing the grief of bereavement.

In 2011, Jack was heavily involved in Person Centred and Cognitive Behavioural schools of therapy, which facilitated his own recovery by helping him shift focus towards the uniqueness of the self, and what steps were feasible and possible for application. Within the same year, Jack worked in the voluntary sector at Action for Change in Eastbourne, co-facilitating workshops, during which time he enrolled on the FDSc course on Person Centred Counselling with the University of Brighton.

Since qualifying in 2015, Jack has continued to adapt and develop his studies by taking a BSc in the same course and migrating back towards aiding those in recovery themselves- an avenue that will always be close to his heart.


Dave Neame - Counsellor at Recovery Lighthouse
Dave Neame


Before Dave joined Recovery Lighthouse, he spent many years working for major charities supporting individuals experiencing issues relating to mental health and addiction recovery. Dave sees himself as a person-centred experiential counsellor, Dave sees his passion as motivating clients and “helping them to become the person they would like to be”.

Dave has gained a wide variety of skills and abilities resulting with a BSc (Hons) in Person-Centred Counselling.

Dave shares that he is “pleased to be part of Recovery Lighthouse set up and the UKAT approach to addiction treatment” and feels proud to be part of the team here.


Marcia Ewen
Marcia Ewen


Marcia has recently returned to The Recovery Lighthouse having taken time out to continue her studies. She has a lot of experience working with the treatment of Drug and Alcohol Addiction and levels of care namely Detox, Residential and aftercare, this enables her to follow the journey with clients from initial arrival through to ongoing recovery in the community.

Having also managed a community 12 step day programme her experience is of great value in the challenges faced in implementing the programme and changing lives once back home and with our families. Marcia also brings her experience of working in crisis intervention within Domestic Abuse and working with Families in these circumstances at whatever level they may be presented or explored.

Marcia practices meditation and mindfulness and really enjoys the delivery of an extensive repertoire of workshops, passing on knowledge both learnt and experienced in the recovery process. She has extended her knowledge of working with addiction and the challenges faced with further training and courses as she continues her professional and personal development. Marcia likes to bring her enhanced knowledge and training in Transactional Analysis which she incorporates into her therapy when working with addiction within the Humanistic approach.

Marcia has extensive knowledge of the 12-step programme and continues to work the programme herself, she brings to the team this commitment and belief and her passion for the steps is contagious.


Brennan Holt - Bank Counsellor at Recovery Lighthouse
Brennan Holt

Bank Counsellor

Brennan is person centred counsellor who has worked previously within the NHS and enjoys working in therapeutic groups. He believes that the trust and shared understanding within the group can be a powerful element for people moving into recovery. Brennan believes that, when experienced deeply, the here and now often gives us the best perspective on how to move forward and his workshops are meant to engage clients holistically using interactive group work, art, mindfulness and other approaches focused on the body.

He enjoys facilitating these groups and experiencing the growth that can come from a safe, supportive and challenging environment. He respects the struggle that clients face and seeks to meet it with empathy and engagement. In his view treatment is a time when clients can begin to learn the tools they need to start the process of recovery, begin to engage in the 12 step programme and learn to interact with others without resorting to substances. Brennan believes that addicts too have the inner resources to live a joyful and fulfilling life and that the therapeutic setting at Recovery Lighthouse can help to bring these out for clients. He very much enjoys being a part of this process and part of the team at Recovery Lighthouse.


Lewes Jillett - Lead Support Worker at Recovery Lighthouse
Lewes Jillett

Lead Support Worker

Lewes started his career in Health & Social Care support work from a passion for helping people through volunteering for organisations that help vulnerable individuals become better supported and engaged in their communities.

By volunteering with diverse groups Lewes was able to gain valuable skills and insight for helping a wide range of marginalised people in fields such as mental health, learning disabilities, and the homeless community.

Working as a Support Worker for adult males with Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, and challenging behaviour helped to further develop the experiences, beliefs and attitudes he holds as a person wishing to help others achieve their goals. His empathy towards people and enthusiasm for helping them led him to find work at The Recovery Lighthouse in April 2016.

With his work at The Recovery Lighthouse, Lewes continues to see many positive changes the clients make in their lives during their treatment and he strongly believes in the good that therapy, support, and fellowship in the Twelve Steps offers people who wish to overcome their addictions.

Lewes was proud to become Senior Recovery Support Worker in December 2017. He is looking forward to progressing further in the field of recovery support work as he welcomes more clients on their journey into recovery from addiction.


Elmehdi Daki
Elmehdi Daki

Support Worker

Elmehdi Daki has spent over three years working in a health and social care sector, he supported vulnerable adult with mental health issues, special needs and learning disabilities in a residential care and care community. He joined Recovery Lighthouse in November 2018 as a Support Worker.

Elmehdi created an organisation based in Morocco, his home country, to support the homeless and children with cancer. He is a successful artist and has worked in the music industry for many years. The skills he has learned from this has made him open minded and nurtured his interpersonal and creative skills.

He has a great belief in the effectiveness of the 12 steps of recovery having been through recovery himself, he is able to empathise with clients and their experience of early recovery and give the understanding and support they need. Elmehdi is open, honest and very enthusiastic about supporting and empowering addicts to enable them to help themselves.

As part of his professional development Elmehdi is currently studying the Health and Social Care Level 3 Apprenticeship and is looking forward to utilising these skills to provide the best support.


David Palmer
David Palmer

Support Worker

Dave began working in the support field as a volunteer co-facilitating a group at a treatment centre that played a vital part in his own personal recovery from addiction. Upon moving away from where he found his own recovery, he discovered a will to help others feel as free.

Relocating back to West Sussex, he began working as a Support Worker at the Recovery Lighthouse.

“My work at the Recovery Lighthouse is a joy, helping clients in their very first days of recovery from their personal addictions. As someone who spent all my adult life in active addiction and has experienced treatment centres as a client, I feel I can offer first-hand guidance and support to our clients.”

David understands exactly what you are going through as he has been there, both in active addiction and early recovery, and offers hope that recovery can be sustained long-term.

“I am passionate and committed towards my own personal recovery, and it is my wish to pass that on to our clients here during their stay, and beyond their residential time here.”


Cameron Crees - Support Worker at Recovery Lighthouse
Cameron Crees

Support Worker

Cameron joined the team earlier in the year as a Bank Support Worker and has recently become a Full-Time member of the team. He obtained his Bsc in Psychology and Criminology in 2018 with many of the units and his dissertation focusing heavily on addiction and mental health and he draws from the knowledge and experience he gained from this every day he is working at Recovery Lighthouse.

His background in support work and social care comes from his role working with young adults whom are living with autism. He did this for 5 years whilst he was studying. This was a role he enjoyed and flourished in and led him down the path towards his support role at Recovery Lighthouse.

Cameron would love to progress further in the field of addiction recovery and plans to take further qualifications, including his Msc, in the near future as he believes he still has a lot to explore and self-develop in the world of addiction and treatment.


Daisy Cole - Support Worker at Recovery Lighthouse
Daisy Cole

Support Worker

Daisy has spent seven years in the health and social sector, She has supported people with dementia and acquired brain injuries in residential care. Daisy also has over one years experience working for London Ambulance Service. This has taught Daisy many Invaluable skills and knowledge.

Daisy has a NVQ Level 3 in Health and Social Care and a Level 3 in Medical science. Daisy has a passion for helping people achieve their personal best.

Daisy Joined the Recovery Lighthouse team in May 2019. Daisy is excited to be part of this team as this is something close to her heart.


Fran Alexander
Fran Alexander


Fran is a highly experienced chef, having worked in the catering industry for 28 years. She originally trained with Trust House Forte in classic French cuisine and has spent many years as Head Chef in various hotels.

One aspect of her role that Fran particularly enjoys is the interaction with the client group, ensuring that every person’s individual nutritional needs are met. As well as her extensive catering experience, Fran has also spent time working as a senior support worker for West Sussex County Council for adults with learning disabilities.

Having originally joined the team as a relief chef, Fran has been full-time at Recovery Lighthouse since March 2017. She is passionate about providing balanced, nutritious and flavoursome meals, and is always excited to develop new recipes and menus.


Brooke Marshall


Brooke has a BSc Psychology (Hons) from Canterbury Christ Church University and has a passion for helping people. This has come through her work with disabled adults, working within the NHS and for a Lifeboat service.

Through her work and university studies, Brooke has gained invaluable skills and knowledge. She is able to grasp detailed information and express it in a manner which is comprehensible to all. Her eye for detail and organised approach to her work help her pay attention to even the smallest bit of information that can be of help. Equally, she has fantastic interpersonal skills, gained from her years playing football for Worthing FC. These skills make her easy to talk to and allowing her to effectively establish, and maintain relationships with the people she meets while working in our centre.


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