There is a certain stigma that is still attached to addiction that makes many people think that an addict is a “bad” person or that they lack any willpower. However, this is not the case, and a drug addiction is, and should be classed as, an illness, just like diabetes or the flu.

The first time an individual takes a drug, it is almost always by choice. It could have been through peer pressure, or a need to experiment for curiosity’s sake. Nonetheless, the more an individual uses drugs, the more changes will occur in the brain; the ability to make sound decisions and control behaviour and actions are negatively impacted.

Facing the Consequences

Jacqueline Pickney from Boston is someone that knows the effects of a drug addiction all too well but is now facing the consequences. Pickney admitted to breaking into three houses in the Boston area in June/July 2016. Her reasoning behind this was that she had felt “obliged and pressured” to fund her son’s drug addiction.

She appeared at Lincoln Crown Court on October 28th, 2016 accused of stealing valuable items, including a laptop, from a cottage in Boston. She then moved on to another house, stealing passports and jewellery, and during the last burglary, she took a watch and a jewellery box. The offences took place between June 14th-July 27th and she also made a guilty plea for handling stolen goods between July 1st– July 22nd, 2016.

Calmed Down

The stolen property was of high value and included two laptops, an iPod, jewellery, and football programmes and memorabilia. Pickney’s solicitor said that his client had previously been in trouble with the law, but that her situation had improved recently.

The court was told of how Pickney had just two convictions for burglary since 1999 but had committed shoplifting and driving offences in recent times. “It had calmed down,” the solicitor explained. He went on to say how his client’s son’s drug addiction left her feeling pressured to find the funds for him, which led her to burglary.

No Alternative

Judge John Pini QC had the sentence adjourned for two weeks but informed Pickney that she would likely be placed in custody. “There has to be an immediate custodial sentence, there is no alternative, it is simply how long it should be,”he said while remanding Pickney in custody until her sentencing in November 2016.

Drugs and Loved Ones

Drugs negatively impact millions of people around the globe; this includes not only the life of the addict but the lives of their loved ones also, as shown in the case of Jacqueline Pickney. Here in the UK, many people will find themselves in a similar situation to Pickney. The urge to help a loved one can be overwhelming and in many cases, it can cause family members and friends to take unnecessary risks. In many instances, the friends and families of an addict will not know how to deal with the affected person, which may be down to the fact that many of them will have had little or no experience of addiction.

Overcoming Your Addiction

It can be extremely difficult to overcome a drug addiction, especially without the right help or support. Here at Recovery Lighthouse, our priority is to help you overcome your addiction. We are available 24/7, so whenever you need support, we are here for you. If you should need it, we will arrange everything in regards to treatments and clinics. Contact us today for more information.

Source: Boston woman to be jailed after spate of burglaries to pay for son’s drug addiction (Lincolnshire Reporter)