Here at Recovery Lighthouse, we work with clients every day who are on the verge of losing it all to drugs or alcohol. We work with their families, as well. Through the years, we have learned one important thing: now is the time to act on any inclination to receive treatment. Making the decision to get help, and then delaying that decision, can very easily lead to a change of heart and mind.

It is not unusual for us to speak with clients who have decided to seek treatment after experiencing an intervention at the hands of family members and friends. We typically counsel them not to wait. They have the desire to get help now, so now is the best time to enrol in a treatment programme.

If you are visiting our website out of concern for a loved one or your own drinking habits, we cannot emphasise enough the importance of acting now. In this post, we will discuss a couple of reasons to get alcohol addiction help now, rather than delaying. In our next post, we will provide further evidence of why you need to get help now.

Alcohol Addiction Help Can Stop You

An alcohol abuser who is not a diagnosed alcoholic isn’t dealing with any less of a problem. Every form of alcohol abuse can lead to all kinds of trouble if something is not done to rectify this situation. Alcohol addiction treatment can stop you dead in your tracks by interrupting the cycle of drinking.

Getting help now can prevent high-risk alcohol abuse from causing more damage. Getting help now can stop the endless cycle that leads to destructive alcohol addiction. It can prevent the devastating effects that would otherwise result if you allow your alcohol abuse to spiral out of control.

Please keep in mind that the government, the NHS, and substance abuse experts all agree that there are multiple levels of drinking problems. Some people are problem drinkers still in that low-risk area. Others are binge drinkers and alcohol abusers with a moderate to high risk of more serious problems. And, of course, alcoholics are at the extreme end of the spectrum.

Note that every drinker can be helped by professional treatment, regardless of the level of the problem. Addiction treatment can help all of them.

Alcohol Addiction Help Could Save Your Life

Nothing good ever comes from long-term alcohol addiction. In fact, plenty of bad things befalls those who abuse alcohol over many years. Among them are certain health conditions that can eventually be life-threatening. Along with this reality is the equally clear reality that professional alcohol treatment could save your life.

One of the most common illnesses suffered by alcoholics is cirrhosis of the liver. Alcohol slowly destroys liver tissue to the point that the organ no longer functions. And, unfortunately, there is no cure for damaged liver tissue. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. A liver that is no longer functioning has to be replaced with a donor liver if the drinker is to survive.

Beyond liver disease, long-term alcohol abuse can also lead to kidney disease, certain kinds of cancer, and other health problems that can have a cumulative effect on the body. Why put yourself through this? Get treatment now and bring an end to the damage alcohol is doing to your body.

We Can Help

You now have some very good reasons to seek out alcohol addiction help. What will you do? If you’re willing to contact us, we are here to help in any way we can within the scope of our mission. Recovery Lighthouse offers helpful advice and excellent treatment programmes designed to help you break the cycle of addiction. Contact us today if you want to get your life back on track and say goodbye to alcohol once and for all.