Alcohol and drug rehab in Margate

Alcohol and drug rehab in Margate

How Dangerous is Margate for Drugs?

According to news reports, Margate is the most-dangerous district in Thanet, ranking the highest in all of Thanet’s towns, villages and cities. Between 2014 and 2016, 213 people died due to drug poisoning and misuse in Thanet.

Yes, the numbers are shocking. But do not lose hope. Substance addiction can be traumatic for the victim and their family members. Are you a friend or family looking for rehabilitation clinics near Margate? You are at the right place.

Acknowledging the issue and looking for a solution is the hardest and the first step towards recovery. Seeking professional help is the best way forward to recovering from alcohol or drug dependence and regaining control of your life.

UK Addiction Treatment Centre (UKAT) runs many drug rehabilitation facilities near Margate, Thanet. Remove the toxicity by choosing a comfortable and empathetic facility away from their painful location.

Why choose the Recovery Lighthouse for Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation near Margate, Thanet?

UKAT runs many clinics throughout the UK for alcohol and drug rehabilitation. Check them out.

  • Banbury Lodge
  • Liberty House
  • Oasis Runcorn
  • Recovery Lighthouse
  • Primrose Lodge
  • Oasis Bradford
  • Sanctuary Lodge

The Recovery Lighthouse alcohol and drug rehabilitation facility is the best option for people in Margate. Choosing a rehabilitation facility away from the patient’s painful location helps keep the triggers away and gives a positive environment for the patient to recover.

The Recovery Lighthouse offers the best facilities with utmost comfort and zero judgement. Our talented team of doctors and support staff ensure the highest quality treatment.

We have experienced doctors and support staff to aid in smooth healing. At the Recovery lighthouse, our staff are compassionate and non-judgmental, which helps in building trust.

Here is a list of some salient features of our rehabilitation facility near Margate, Thanet:

  • Modern yet homely rooms
  • Walkable distance from the beach
  • Ample outdoor gardens for relaxation
  • Wholesome meals prepared by professional chefs
  • 1-year free aftercare
  • Open 24 hours with immediate admissions

The comfortable atmosphere away from your location helps in faster recovery from addiction. Take a virtual tour of our clinic.

Treatment options at the Recovery Lighthouse near Margate, Thanet

At Recovery Lighthouse, we offer treatment for all addictions and co-occurring illnesses. We do not believe in the one-size-fits-all approach. Our experienced medical team will perform a diagnosis and, based on the results, suggest personalised treatment plans.

We treat several addictions such as:

After the detox, our therapists offer different therapy sessions for the holistic recovery of the patient. We concentrate on healing the body, mind, and soul for a complete recovery and preventing future relapses.

Our rehabilitation therapies include:

  • 12-step therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy
  • Fitness Programme
  • Group Therapy
  • Holistic Therapy
  • Meditation
  • One-to-one therapy

After the rehabilitation programme, we offer one-year free aftercare because the first year is usually the toughest.

Reviews of the Recovery Lighthouse near Margate, Thanet

Here are testimonials from our past clients, who recovered completely from addiction and have been sober since:

“Great staff! Clean and safe environment. Having Nick meet me on my admission made it all easier and he was very comforting. All the support staff and therapists are great. Food is fantastic too.” – Steve

“I am going to miss my Lighthouse family! Amazing group of people – can’t fault it at all!” – Sarah

Free addiction treatment Services/Support Groups Available in Margate, Thanet

For those who cannot afford our private rehabilitation facilities, fret not! Here is a list of free services and support groups available in Margate, Thanet:

AA Meetings

Margate Morning

St. John’s Church Community Centre, Victoria Road CT9 1LN
Timing: 10.30 am Tuesday

Margate Just For Today

St. John’s Church Community Centre, Victoria Road CT9 1LN
Timing: 7.30 am Thursday

Margate 12 & 12

St. John’s Church Community Centre, St John’s Church
Victoria Road CT9 1LN
Timing: 7.45 pm Monday

Margate Chair/Big Book Study

St. John’s Church Community Centre, St John’s Church
Victoria Road CT9 1LN
Timing: 7.30 pm Friday

Margate Living Sober

St. John’s Church Community Centre, Victoria Road CT9 1LN
Timing: 10 am Saturday

NA Meetings

Cliftonville Community Centre

St. Paul’s Road, Margate, Cliftonville CT9 2DB
Timing: Wednesday 6.45 pm

Holy Trinity Church

Church Road, Broadstairs CT10 1HQ
Timing: Saturday 6 pm

Ramsgate Small Boats Owners’ Asociation Hall

20 Guildford Lawn, Ramsgate CT11 9AY
Timing: Tuesday 7.30 pm

CA Meetings

Into Action

Catching Lives Centre, Station Rd E,
Canterbury CT1 2RB
Timing: Monday 7 pm

Happy Hour

St Augustine’s Church, Dover Rd,
Folkestone, UK
Timing: Monday 7 pm

Deal 12X12

The Golf Road Centre, 28 Golf Road,
Deal CT14 6PY
Timing: Monday, 7 pm

Travelling to the Recovery Lighthouse from Margate, Thanet

Margate is a beautiful historic town in the Thanet District, Kent. The town resonates with the seaside’s beauty and its old-world charm. Margate Museum is the best place to know the history of the place. Hornby Visitor’s Centre, Tudor House, Shell-Grotto, etc., are some must-visit places in Margate, Thanet.

From Margate, you can reach the Recovery Lighthouse alcohol and drug rehabilitation facility via road and rail. The best and fastest routes are discussed here.

By Road…

Thanet Way/A299 is the best road route to the rehabilitation clinic. The distance between the locations is 114 miles, and the time taken is approximately 2 hours and 13 mins. You can also travel via A299 and A23 to reach your destination.

By Rail…

The best rail route from Margate to the rehabilitation facility takes almost 3 hrs and 50 minutes. The train departs Margate at 11.04 am and reaches Worthing at 2.40 pm. From the Worthing station, the rehabilitation clinic is only a 0.7-mile walk.

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