Alcohol and drug rehab in Broadstairs

Alcohol and drug rehab in Broadstairs

Rate of substance addiction in Broadstairs

A report published by the University of Sheffield shows that 14,587 adults were dependent on alcohol in 2018 and required specialised treatment. Kent reported the highest number of alcohol-dependent adults in the United Kingdom.

These figures are indeed high and need addressing. Substance dependence makes an individual physically and mentally ill but specialised professionals can help. If you reside in or near Broadstairs, you can get treatment from the UKAT rehabilitation centre near Broadstairs. We provide a comprehensive solution to all kinds of addictions.

Why choose Recovery Lighthouse for drug and alcohol rehabilitation near Broadstairs

UKAT is a premium rehab centre that has a network of rehab facilities across the UK. We offer a comprehensive treatment approach to help get rid of addiction issues. We have eight rehabilitation centres including Banbury Lodge, Liberty House, Oasis Runcorn, Recovery Lighthouse, Oasis Bradford, Primrose Lodge, Linwood House and Sanctuary Lodge.

Recovery Lighthouse rehabilitation centre near Broadstairs is a private UKAT-affiliated facility offering excellent treatment for addiction issues. We provide a wide range of treatments tailored to the client’s requirements.

Our staff is passionate and dedicated to providing highly-quality treatment to clients to help them heal and recover. Our excellent clinical team provides care and treatment around the clock.

Located 116.6 miles from Broadstairs, it will take two hours and 13 minutes to reach the Recovery Lighthouse rehabilitation clinic via Thanet Way or A299 road. It is located alongside the peaceful seaside thus enhancing the ambience of the facility.

Salient features of Recovery Lighthouse rehab clinic are:

  • Open 24 hours
  • Immediate admission
  • CQC rating – Good
  • 13 luxurious bedrooms
  • Serene environment
  • Medical detox

Virtual tour of Recovery Lighthouse

Recovery Lighthouse rehabilitation centre near Broadstairs offers a safe and comfortable stay. Go through this virtual tour to experience the ambience of the place.

Treatment Options at Recovery Lighthouse

Recovery Lighthouse rehabilitation clinic near Broadstairs provides an extensive range of personalised treatments. Additionally, clients receive therapy, guidance, advice and support to cope with their addiction issues.

We provide treatments for cannabis addiction, cocaine addiction, alcohol addiction, eating disorders etc.

Treatments provided at Recovery Lighthouse facility:

  • Relaxation and stress reduction therapies
  • One-to-one and group therapies
  • Holistic therapy
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness therapies
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • 12-step therapy

Reviews of Recovery Lodge near Broadstairs

We have a history of delivering high-quality services to our clients. We have successfully met our client’s expectations throughout their recovery process. The reviews say it all.

“Recovery Lighthouse is both welcoming and well prepared to receive all clients. All therapists, support staff and the administration team were both thorough, courteous and caring. I have come away feeling cautiously optimistic for my continued recovery and well informed about what I need to do to move forward. Thank you all!”- Sally D

“A great program that covered many aspects of recovery. A friendly and helpful team of staff and therapists. Made to feel safe and comfortable. I feel prepared to move forward in my recovery.”- Anonymous

“The staff were all fantastic and supportive and turned my life around”- Doug

Free Addiction Treatment Services/Support Groups Available in Broadstairs

If you or someone you know cannot access our rehab centre and is seeking professional help, don’t worry. You will find many local support groups in your area that run a network of rehab facilities and offer treatment. Some are listed below:

Alcoholics Anonymous in Broadstairs


Holy Trinity Church Hall, Church Rd, off Nelson Place
Time: Sunday, 19.00

Ramsgate Lunchtime

St Ethelbert’s Church Hall, 72 Hereson Rd
Time: Monday, 12.30


St Ethelbert’s Church Hall, 72 Hereson Rd
Time: Friday, 12.30

Cocaine Anonymous in Broadstairs

Deal 12 X 12

The Golf Road Centre, Kent
Time: Monday, 19.00

Margate Tuesday CA- There is a Solution

St John’s Church Community Centre
Time: Tuesday, 19.30

Narcotics Anonymous in Broadstairs

Holy Trinity Church

Church Road, Broadstairs, ENG CT10 1HQ, United Kingdom
Time: Thursday, 19.30

Ramsgate Small Boat Owners Association

(RSBOA) Hall, 20 Guildford Lawn, Ramsgate, ENG CT11 9AY, United Kingdom
Time: Tuesday, 19.30

Cliftonville Community Centre

Saint Paul’s Road, Margate, Cliftonville, ENG CT9 2DB, United Kingdom
Time: Wednesday, 18.45

Travelling to Recovery Lighthouse from Broadstairs

Broadstairs is on the coast of the English Channel in the southeastern part of England, Kent county. Broadstairs is approximately 80 miles (130 km) east of London.

Broadstairs offers several notable places worth visiting, such as Viking Bay, which is the main beach; Bleak House, a Victorian mansion that used to be the residence of Charles Dickens; and the Crampton Tower Museum, which exhibits the inventions of Thomas Crampton, a Victorian engineer.

Broadstairs is accessible through various parts of the country. You can reach Recovery Lighthouse via the following routes:

By road…

The shortest route to reach Recovery Lighthouse is via Thanet Way or A299, located at a distance of 116.6 miles taking approximately two hours and 13 minutes. The alternative route to the rehab facility is via M20, covering 116.6 miles in over two hours and 13 minutes.

By train…

To reach Recovery Lighthouse, you can take a train from Broadstairs to Worthing and walk for approximately 14 minutes to the clinic. The journey takes around three hours and 50 minutes. The first train is at 03:31 a.m., and the last at 05:22 p.m. covering 87 miles.

Find a Rehabilitation Centre near Broadstairs

UKAT offers enhanced care to its clients by understanding the root cause of their addiction issues. We have a dedicated team of professionals that will helps recover smoothly. Contact us now to start your recovery journey.