Alcohol and drug rehab in Waterlooville

As reported by Public Health England, between April 2019 and March 2020, about 1,443 cases of drug and alcohol users were reported in Hampshire, UK. Out of these 20% of adults were parents who were living with children, while about 34% were parents without kids. According to the Department of Health and Social Care, neighbouring cities such as Portsmouth also reported a surge in deaths due to substance abuse.

Drug and alcohol abuse among young teens and adults has become a growing concern in the UK. There are many ways to combat this issue and get your life back on track. With multiple free support groups and private rehabilitation clinics like UK Addiction Centres (UKAT) throughout the country, help is just one call away for Waterlooville residents.

Alcohol and drug rehab in Waterlooville

Why choose Recovery Lighthouse for Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation near Waterlooville?

UKAT clinics offer customised treatment plans and specialised care across the country. You can find guidance at these rehabilitation facilities: Banbury Lodge, Liberty House, Oasis Runcorn, Recovery Lighthouse, Oasis Bradford, Primrose Lodge and Sanctuary Lodge.

Recovery Lighthouse is a private and premium rehabilitation centre near Waterlooville, Hampshire. With its breathtaking seaside property, you will receive treatment in a safe and soothing environment.

Located in West Sussex, Recovery Lighthouse is just 35.7 miles from Waterlooville. You will reach the facility in 1 hour via the A27 trunk road. Situated by the serene Worthing beach and pier, Recovery Lighthouse is the best place to begin in a trigger-free environment.

With a fully-professional team of medical staff and caregivers, your loved ones will be in safe hands. Offering customised treatment plans and 24X7 on-call support, we believe in leaving no stone unturned to give the right kind of care and support.

Features you will benefit from:

  • Comfortable and homely bedrooms
  • Free one-year aftercare
  • CQC registered care
  • Personalised detox plans
  • Seaside walks
  • 24X7 nursing support

Virtual Tour Of Recovery Lighthouse

Take a look at the wonderful rehabilitation facility of Recovery Lighthouse through this interactive video tour.

Treatments Provided at Recovery Lighthouse Near Waterlooville, Hampshire

The medical team at Recovery Lighthouse have carefully curated well-rounded treatment plans to overcome alcohol and substance abuse. Our experienced staff is well-equipped to provide you with specialised care to overcome addictions such as alcohol, drug abuse, eating disorder, gambling and sex addiction, prescription drug addiction, etc.

Our rehabilitation programmes offer a variety of treatment plans for you to choose from:

  • Holistic therapy
  • 12-step therapy
  • Fitness programme
  • Meditation and yoga
  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT)
  • Aftercare and relapse prevention
  • Art & Music therapy

Customer Experiences of Recovery Lighthouse near Waterlooville

Recovery Lighthouse aims to offer the best treatment plans and care to clients. We believe in making our services accessible for everyone to get the help they deserve. Take a look at what our clients have to say about us:

“Amazing and transformational experience, would highly recommend to anyone.”- Simon

“I felt very safe & the staff were extremely professional, caring & understanding. The quality of treatment was excellent & would have no hesitation in recommending Recovery Lighthouse to others.” – James M

“My experience at Recovery Lighthouse has been incredible. I feel my understanding of addiction has grown immensely. I have also seen great improvements in my emotional intelligence and overall happiness. I have met some amazing people, many of whom I will be staying in touch with. The staff have been very helpful in my recovery. I would certainly recommend the Lighthouse to anyone struggling with addiction.”- Charlie Simpson

Free Addiction Treatment Available in Waterlooville, Hampshire

We understand that private rehabilitation facilities can be non-accessible to some people. However, there are plenty of free rehabilitation resources where you can get support and treatment around the city. Check them out:

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in Waterlooville, Hampshire


Burnam Hall, Hart Plain Church,
59 Hart Plain Avenue,
Timings: 19:30 duration 1hr (Friday)

Havant Leigh Park Daily Reflections & Ask The Basket

Leigh Park Baptist Church, Stockhealth Road
Timings: 12:30 duration 1hr (Tuesday)

Cosham Discussion

Wymering Methodist Church, 6th Avenue
Timings: 19:30 duration 1hr 15 mins (Monday)

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) in Waterlooville, Hampshire


Main Hall, Westbrook Community Centre,
Tempest Avenue
Timings: 18:00 duration 1hr (Saturday)


Wecock Farm Church, Kite Close, Wecock
Timings: 19:00 duration 1hr (Thursday)

Leigh Park Just For Today

Bank Space, 43 Greywell Precinct, Park Parade
Timings: 19:30 duration 1hr (Monday)

Cocaine Anonymous (CA) in Waterlooville, Hampshire

Into Action

Buckland Community Centre, Malins Road
Timings: 19:30 (Monday)

Havant Used Today

Timings: 20:00 (Tuesday)

A Design for Living

Kings Church, Somers Road
Timings: 18:45 (Friday)

Travelling to Recovery Lighthouse from Waterlooville, Hampshire

By Car…

The fastest way to travel to Recovery Lighthouse is by road. It is around 35.7 miles from Waterlooville and takes approximately 1 hour via A27. You can easily commute from your private vehicle or hire a cab.

By Train…

You can also opt for a train ride from Waterlooville to Recovery Lighthouse. The average travel duration via train is around 1 hour and 47 mins. Travel from Waterlooville to Cosham by road and board the train to Worthing.

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