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Please read the comments from our past clients – they have all come from different walks of life and all have had different challenges to face. We always find alumni clients have various expectations for treatment which we listen to and then try to make improvements to our facilities and treatment.

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24 Mar 2018
The facilities, care and education i received was amazing. I was given a gentle detox, then rehabilitation. The rehabilitation gave me techniques to control my anxiety, panic attacks and abstinence. The group sessions and 1 too 1s with my councillor also unlocked the reason for my addiction and what my triggers are. If you feel powerless and feel you can no longer manage your life i would highly recommend recovery lighthouse. I would like to thank all the staff for their support (too many to name).
Paul M
24 Mar 2018
I can honestly say that my five week stay here has been fantastic! All of the staff from the councillors to the cleaners are so kind and caring i cant recommend it more highly
21 Mar 2018
This place is one of the best things that's ever happened to me. Best staff and support team.
18 Mar 2018
I arrived here seriously addicted to opiates and drinking two bottles of vodka a day. I was a mess. The doctor and staff gave me a gentle, but relatively swift detox during which time I was rather emotionally and mentally absent. As my senses and sense returned I was able to engage in what turned out to be a fascinating program of learning, offered by professional therapists and the clients themselves. I learned from everyone here, and engaged with the recovery program on offer. I leave here 25 days later in far better health, and more importantly with hope and a renewed sense of faith.
16 Mar 2018
I was recommended to Lighthouse Recovery by a friend (who was a client here) who is now 2 years clean. Lighthouse is well run, clean and the food is excellent. Don't expect a cure, there is no such thing, but Lighthouse is an excellent staging post to continue your recovery armed with lots of tools.
14 Mar 2018
The staff were very helpful, friendly and empathetic.
09 Mar 2018
Amazing experience, Amazing staff, amazing place.
08 Mar 2018
I came into the Lighthouse completely broken, the staffs love, help and support has put me back together piece by piece. They truly have saved my life and I will never forget the love and guidance I received here.
03 Mar 2018
This has been a hard, gruelling and brilliant journey for me. I have had to face into issues without for my former self-medication of alcohol, and it was HARD, but the staff were brilliant, the peers were great and the food wonderful> an important part of my road to recovery
James H
01 Mar 2018
I came into the Lighthouse when my life had become unmanageable. This team and the group of clients around me helped me on to a journey of self-discovery. I left with my health back intact and a workable and achievable on-going recovery plan. The care was first rate and I feel more positive than I have in years, perhaps decades.
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