The media tend only to tell stories of drug addicts who are still battling their addiction, usually to show them in a bad light. This is one of the primary reasons that there is a stigma around addiction and it leads to the common misconception that all drug addicts are bad people. However, with help and support, many addicts will successfully overcome their addiction and go on to live a sober, happy life.

One woman who has managed not only to overcome her drug addiction but also win an award for it is Judith Podd. And there are many others in the same position as Judith but more often than not, the media will not cover these stories.

Peer Mentor of the Year

Sixty-year-old former cannabis addict Judith Podd from Poole has won an award after overcoming her addiction and going on to help others kick their addiction too. She is Peer Mentor of the Year for EDP Drug and Alcohol Services, a charity that aids those suffering addiction. She has admitted that both herself and her late husband Steve abused cannabis frequently over a 30-year period, and became daily users for ten years prior to them seeking help in 2013.

Particularly Helpful

EDP Wareham was suggested to the pair by their GP in 2013, and they went on to attend weekly sessions – both group sessions and one-to-one with a support worker. “I found the group sessions where I had the chance to talk to others about addiction and the effect it has on people’s lives really helpful. It was particularly helpful to receive suggestions from others to help in my own recovery,” said Judith. “For me personally, I love the fact I can give back to others some knowledge and experience of what I have gone through and learned throughout my recovery journey.”

Assisting and Motivating Others

After one year at the sessions, Judith started assisting others with phone calls and filling in forms, taking on the role of a Peer Supporter before becoming a Peer Mentor. Nine former drug addicts, including Judith, graduated as mentors at a ceremony at Christchurch Baptist Church; they will go on to assist others in overcoming their drug addictions while aiming to motivate others with the tales of their own journeys.

Do Not Suffer Alone

Judith is passionate about helping others, and she wants all addicts to know that they do not have to suffer alone. She said, “I would say please do not be scared or frightened to approach anyone with your drug or alcohol problem, as there are people out there who can help who will have been through the same or similar experiences, and they will be able to help you.”


Those who successfully manage to overcome their addiction like Judith will go on to lead a happy life. It can be scary to take the initial plunge into recovery, but once this first crucial step has been taken, you will be surprised how determined and motivated you will be to succeed.

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