Deciding to get sober is the first crucial step on the long journey to recovery. It will be difficult, and you will likely feel like turning back to the drugs or alcohol at some point or another. However, this is normal, and it does get better. The best thing you could do in this situation is to make sure that you are supported at all times to avoid an addiction relapse.

Drug and alcohol addictions affect many people here in the UK, but it is apparent that this is an issue that affects the USA as well.

Chaotic Lifestyle

Currently in that country, there is a widespread drug epidemic that has resulted in a generation of children who are affected by the issues of their parents. Dr Kathy Wedig, a neonatologist at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, has told of how these effects include the physical problems of babies who are born with an addiction and then the further chaotic lifestyles of older children because of their parents’ addictions.

A conference was held at Xavier University, which was attended by hundreds of addiction specialists, nurses, doctors and social workers. Wedig went on to say that such children “cannot have what we would consider is a normal childhood.” She added that the epidemic is affecting society overall due to the lack of funding for treatment and support for these children.

Toxic Stress

Dr Jennifer Bowden, a child psychiatrist from Cincinnati, said, “Cases of children suffering from ‘toxic stress’, a condition caused by exposure to trauma or neglect, are both increasing and more severe because of the addictions epidemic. Toxic stress can inhibit physical, emotional, social and language development and put children at risk for health issues such as emphysema, diabetes and cardiac problems.”

Concerning Increase

According to the Public Children Services Association of Ohio, the number of children taken into custody grew by a massive 19 per cent over the past seven years. This concerning increase is because of parents’ addictions. The group have explained that the overall cost to taxpayers for all these children being placed in protective custody is approximately 45 million dollars per year. In 2015, the state of Cincinnati had a record breaking 3,050 deaths due to drug overdose, which is a 20 per cent increase over the previous period.

Opioid overdose deaths, including heroin and prescription drugs, hit an all-time high in 2014 after seeing a fourteen per cent increase in one year alone, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


It is important that those affected by addiction access the help they need to recover, particularly when their behaviour is affecting their children. And it doesn’t matter what country one is in. When trying to commit to recovery, it can be quite frustrating to constantly hear ‘just stop’ or ‘why can’t you just give up?’ from loved ones. If only it were that easy. Concerned relatives with little or no experience of addiction will not fully understand the control it has over the abuser.

It is often easier to say that you don’t have a problem at all, or maybe you will put the blame elsewhere. Perhaps it is because you are scared, or unsure of what a sober life will have in store. There are many excuses you could come up with as to why you don’t need to change. Nevertheless, if you adopt this attitude, then there is little chance that you will ever change your mentality and will suffer from an addiction for the rest of your life.

Help and Support

If you require any help or support in regards to overcoming an addiction, Recovery Lighthouse offers the best possible care. Our friendly professionals will ensure that you feel comfortable and that all your queries and questions are answered. If you need any further information, contact us today.


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