Steven Bauer Voluntarily Checks into Rehab

Alcohol is a substance that can have a whole range of harmful short- and long-term side effects. Many individuals are of the opinion that as alcohol is socially acceptable compared to illegal drugs such as cocaine or heroin, they can consume as much as they want without worrying about any effects. Nevertheless, excessive alcohol consumption can lead to many serious, and potentially even life-threatening, illnesses.

Battling to Stay Sober

After struggling with an alcohol addiction for years, Scarface actor Steven Bauer has voluntarily checked in to a treatment centre in Malibu. The star had been battling to stay sober for some time, but he started to realise that his drinking was getting worse, so decided to take matters into his own hands before things worsened.

Many people, like Steve, will battle an addiction for years before realising that something needs to be done before it progresses. However, at this stage, it will often be too late, as the individual will have already been putting him/herself at unnecessary risk of developing many alcohol-related illnesses. These could include:

  • cancer of mouth, throat and breast
  • heart disease
  • liver disease.

The longer and more regularly one consumes alcohol, the higher the risk of this person developing any of these long-term and life threatening illnesses. If you think that you or a loved one may be suffering from an alcohol addiction, seek professional help as soon as possible to minimise the risks of developing any of these diseases. Give us a call here at Recovery Lighthouse and we can offer you advice and information on the next steps you can take as well as discuss various treatment options.

Alcohol Addiction and Fame

Many people covet fame and fortune, but it is not as glamorous as one would think. Celebrities are always in the public eye, and one wrong move and the implications could be blasted all over the media.

These celebrities are constantly being judged for what they wear, eat, drink, who they go out with, etc., and the media can quickly turn anything into a scandal. If a celebrity like Steven Bauer has an alcohol addiction, for example, the media are quick to jump on it, making out the affected individual to be a ‘bad role model’ and ‘terrible person’. Nonetheless, if this were a non-celebrity person who is not in the spotlight at all times, he or she would just be considered as someone who needs help.

The increased pressures that a celebrity has to deal with can push him or her towards alcohol or drugs to escape from the constant ‘intrusion’ and criticism. This could then lead to addiction, which in turn will put even more of a spotlight on the person in question.

Help and Support

If you are an affected individual, the most important step in recovering from an addiction is to make sure you are actually motivated and committed to giving up. If you are not committed, then the likelihood is that you will go back to your addiction as soon as you experience the smallest bit of difficulty.

Kicking an addiction is difficult, and it is likely that you will struggle initially. However, with the correct support, this can be dealt with in the proper way. Never try to bottle things up as it makes it so much easier to relapse if you are feeling frustrated or stressed.

There are many different treatment and support options for those that are suffering from addiction. These range from professional and dedicated rehab clinics to online support and AA meetings. Any of these can help if you are struggling; you will never be alone, and you will be supported through all stages of recovery.

Source: Scarface star Steven Bauer, 59, checks into rehab as he continues to battle alcohol addiction (Daily Mail)