Should You Join a Fellowship Programme?

If you have been through the process of rehabilitation for a drug or alcohol addiction, then you’ve probably heard all about fellowship programmes and how these benefit those in recovery. However, you may also be wondering if you really need this type of support.

You might believe that you are ready to face the real world once more, and because you feel good and healthy, you can make it through recovery alone. Nevertheless, the reality is that you will most certainly need some support. Just because you are feeling good now does not mean that these feelings will continue. Recovery is full of ups and downs, and without the necessary support, you could find yourself faltering.

Why Are Fellowships a Good Idea?

Fellowship support programmes have helped millions of individuals around the world to maintain their sobriety. Since the very first fellowship programme was created in the 1930s by Bill Wilson and Dr Bob Smith, there have been many more programmes using the same principles of members sharing and supporting each other.

Joining a fellowship support programme will mean that you always have access to support from individuals who know exactly what you are going through. While you may initially be apprehensive about the idea of sharing experiences and stories with people you barely know, once you are comfortable, you will probably want to join in. And you will no doubt find that this is very therapeutic.


The great thing about a fellowship support group is that there is never any judgement. Members have all been through similar experiences, so nothing you say will shock them. Everyone at these meetings has been an addict at some point in their lives. A few might have been in recovery for many years while others are at a similar stage to you.

Nonetheless, everyone can learn from and relate to each other, knowing that they will always have this source of support. Recovering addicts fare much better when they have access to support from others who have experienced similar situations.

A Healthy Replacement

Those in recovery often wonder how they are going to fill their time now that they are no longer drinking or taking drugs. They think about who they will spend time with now that they are no longer associating with their drinking or drug-taking friends.

Being a member of a fellowship support group will give you a healthy replacement in terms of how you spend your time. It is a positive substitute for the role that drinking or drug-taking once played in your life. You will be able to develop new friendships with like-minded individuals who also want to live a clean and healthy sober life.

Sharing Helps

You might not think it at the moment, but sharing your story with others will help you – and it will help others, too. Being open and honest about your struggle is part of the healing process, and it will benefit you in the long run.

Your story may also be something that will help to inspire others. You might not appreciate it yet, but what you have to say could be enough to motivate others to want to succeed.

Avoiding Relapse

No matter how good you feel right now, the risk of relapse is always going to be hanging over your head. With the support of a fellowship programme, you can prevent relapse from becoming a reality. If you are feeling particularly down or believe that you may be in danger of giving in to temptation, you will know that you have somewhere to go. You can contact other fellowship members or a sponsor to talk through your feelings and know that they will understand what you are going through.