Meditation is an important and effective part of individual recovery. Not only does it focus the mind, but it also regulates breathing, lowers blood pressure, and relaxes the muscles. Spiritually it can help to unlock difficult emotions sd peace and calmness. This practice is particularly beneficial to those suffering from anxiety, depression and chaotic thinking. There are many different types of meditation, including mindfulness and guided; here at Recovery Lighthouse, our clients will be introduced to the practice of meditation, so that they can experience first-hand the many benefits that it can provide both during treatment and as a means of continued recovery practice once treatment is completed.

In a similar manner to other holistic therapies, there can be a misconception that meditation practice involves a particular skill set however the truth is that there are so many different forms of meditation that it is likely all individuals who are willing to engage, will be able to reap the benefits of the meditative practice.

Meditation yields a surprising number of health benefits, including stress reduction, improved attention span, reduction in physical aches and pains, improved short and long term memory, improved impulse control and anxiety reduction. The more regularly meditation practice takes place, the more likely it is that these health benefits will prevail and this is in no small measure because the practice of meditation by design, creates a ‘loosening of certain neural pathways causing us to become less sensitive to negative stimuli and more capable of the rational processing of difficult or uncomfortable situations.

Meditation has been shown to decrease the natural decline of age-related cognitive functioning and also lends itself to experiencing greater levels of positive emotional stability.

At the Recovery Lighthouse, meditation sessions are held each morning and are also timetabled into the daily treatment program where this is deemed beneficial. Our team at the clinic will encourage and support you to engage fully in this and in all aspects of our treatment program.

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