Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Berkshire

Alcohol rehab and drug rehab in Berkshire

Addiction destroys lives and this is no different for those suffering in the affluent county of Berkshire. At first, it might seem like an acceptable way to relax and de-stress from the hardships of everyday living. However, as time passes, alcohol and drug abuse takes over your life, strains relationships with loved ones, isolates you from society, depletes your financial resources and leaves you at rock bottom.

Even when you realise that you’re suffering from mental health issues such as anxiety and depression as a result of your drug use, you’ll still struggle to quit substance abuse on your own. It’s not shameful or weak to admit that you need help to kick your addiction and learn to live an abstinent life.

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Overview of the Services Offered at Recovery Lighthouse

Recovery Lighthouse is a 13-bedroom detox and rehabilitation facility, located in a serene area of Worthing. The bedrooms are tastefully furnished to a high standard, to ensure you’re comfortable during your stay with us. Our team of addiction experts at Recovery Lighthouse have a passion for helping clients recover from substance abuse and alcoholism.

Our medically supervised detox removes all traces of addictive substances from your body, and our rehab centre treats the underlying causes of your addiction, whilst also equipping you with coping skills and strategies to prevent future relapse, and maintain lifelong abstinence. We are one of the few rehab centres in the UK that cater to the treatment needs of young people, aged 16-18, especially those struggling with eating disorders, PTSD, OCD, and other behavioural addictions.

Our services include:

  • Alcohol addiction treatment
  • Prescription drug addiction treatment
  • Eating disorders
  • Anxiety disorder
  • Depression
  • Individual therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Group therapy
  • 12-step groups
  • Trauma therapy
  • Holistic therapies, and more

The distance from Berkshire to Worthing is almost 100 miles. Recovery Lighthouse provides a sober transport service that can take you from your residence in Berkshire to our rehab centre. We’ll also take you home after you’ve completed treatment.

Pros and Cons of Private Rehab


  • Immediate admission 365 days a year
  • Medical detox with 24/7 care & support
  • Overcome the root causes of addiction
  • Experienced team of doctors & therapists
  • Personalised rehabilitation programme
  • Look, feel, sleep better & regain confidence
  • Learn techniques for relapse prevention
  • Fitness and nutrition programme
  • 1 year complimentary aftercare support

The cons
• Price can be a barrier which needs to be weighed up versus the long-term cost of drug and alcohol abuse
• Being away from friends and family which at first can be emotionally challenging

How Much Does Rehab Cost in Berkshire?

Detox and rehab starts from £834 to £2,750 per week depending on treatment length and clinic you choose

Free/NHS Addiction Treatment Options

Yeldall Manor: A registered charity, and part of Clouds addiction services, that offers an inpatient residential treatment centre. This rehab is located near Reading and has helped men aged 18-65 recover from alcohol/drug addiction for over 40 years. Yeldall is a Christian organisation that believes recovery is possible through abstinence, being a productive member of society, and having a relationship with God.

Blakes Lane, Hare Hatch,

SMART Wokingham Recovery Service: They provide services for young people aged 10-18, and adults who have alcohol and drug issues in Wokingham. SMART workers help people understand the root causes of addiction, because addiction doesn’t occur in isolation.

38 Station Road,
Wokingham, Berkshire

Addiction Support Groups in Berkshire

DrugFam – Reading: DrugFam provides safe and caring support to carers, partners, family members, and friends affected by a loved one’s drug/alcohol use. They also offer support to individuals who have lost a loved one to addiction. They offer a listening ear to service users, and give advice to help the individual make more informed decisions.

NA Meetings in/near Berkshire

Wycliffe Baptist Church,
223 Kings Road
Sunday 6:45 pm

The Hamilton Centre
135 Bulmershe Road
Sunday 7:30 pm

Apollo Youth Club,
22 Mount Pleasant
Saturday 6:30 pm