Alcohol and drug rehab in Burgess Hill

Alcohol and drug rehab in Burgess Hill

What do statistics Say about substance abuse near Burgess Hill, West Sussex, England?

Misusing drugs and alcohol can lead to deaths that profoundly impact individuals and communities. In a week-long crackdown, the police shut down three ‘county lines’ drug operations in West Sussex, reported a local newspaper.

As per a published report from crime rate, Burgess Hill reported a total of 1.2 drug-related crime cases per 1000 in 2022.

The statistics related to substance abuse are alarming, highlighting the urgent need for attention to this serious issue. In case you know anyone battling addiction and seeking comprehensive treatment, you might want to consider Recovery Lighthouse near Burgess Hill in West Sussex. The centre offers advanced detox and rehab services catering to diverse addictions such as drug abuse (including cannabis, cocaine, heroin and other drugs), alcoholism and gambling, providing the necessary resources to achieve sobriety.

Why should you choose Recovery Lighthouse near Burgess Hill, West Sussex?

The UKAT operates several rehab facilities across the country which are; Banbury Lodge, Liberty House, Oasis Runcorn, Linwood House Oasis Bradford, Primrose Lodge, and Sanctuary Lodge are just a few of the facilities where you can get assistance.

Recovery Lighthouse, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre near Burgess Hill, is 19 miles away and can be reached in 37 minutes via road. Our facility is equipped to offer an all-encompassing medical detox and rehabilitation program, demonstrating a fully integrated treatment approach. Our rehabilitation programs are customised to address every individual’s unique requirements, guaranteeing personalised attention.

Our facility provides a closely supervised and well-resourced setting that fosters recuperation, supported by a team of proficient professionals.

It has 13 well-decorated rooms, a big garden and a highly qualified medical team to ensure the highest standard of treatment with a comfortable stay.

Below are some additional features that set this rehabilitation facility apart:

  • Covers the detoxification of alcohol and various drugs like cocaine, amphetamines, crack, heroin and other opiates.
  • Fast admission process
  • Surroundings with a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Offers a tranquil and conducive environment for healing

Virtual Tour of Recovery Lighthouse near Burgess Hill, West Sussex

We have developed a virtual tour of Recovery Lighthouse, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre near Burgess Hill. This allows you to evaluate our rehabilitation centre and the exceptional standard of services we render. The virtual tour provides a look at our facility and offers further insight into the exceptional care we provide at Recovery Lighthouse.

Treatment Options at Recovery Lighthouse near Burgess Hill, West Sussex

Our medical team at Recovery Lighthouse, an alcohol rehabilitation centre near Burgess Hill, is experienced in treating a variety of addictions including alcohol, prescription medications and strong drugs like cocaine, heroin, amphetamines, hallucinogens, etc. Additionally, we offer therapies for compulsive behaviours like smoking, gambling, gaming, eating disorders, codependencies and sex and romantic relationships, among others.

Our main treatment programmes include the following:

  • 12-step therapy
  • Medical detox of various substances
  • Group therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) for many behavioural, emotional and mental health issues.
  • Various other complementary therapies like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), meditation and mindfulness.

Client Testimonials of Recovery Lighthouse

At Recovery Lighthouse near Burgess Hill, we provide affordable addiction treatments without compromising quality, to ensure that individuals from all backgrounds receive the necessary care and support. Let us now take a look at what some of our clients have to say:

”My experience at Recovery Lighthouse has been incredible. I feel my understanding of addiction has grown immensely. I have also seen great improvements in my emotional intelligence and overall happiness. I have met some amazing people, many of whom I will stay in touch with. The staff have been very helpful in my recovery. I would certainly recommend the Lighthouse to anyone struggling with addiction.” – Charlie Simpson

”I felt very safe & the staff were extremely professional, caring & understanding. The quality of treatment was excellent & would have no hesitation in recommending Recovery Lighthouse to others.” – James M

If you cannot afford to access private rehabilitation clinics due to either personal or financial issues, there are many free support groups in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. Here are some of your options:

Alcoholics Anonymous in Burgess Hill, West Sussex

Burgess Hill As Bill Sees It

St. John the Evangelist Church (Cafe), Lower Church Rd
Wednesdays at 8 pm

Burgess Hill Daily Reflections

St Andrews Church, Cants Lane
Sundays at 5 pm

Burgess Hill Hybrid

The Youth Centre, St Andrews Church, Cants Lane
Mondays at 8 pm
Narcotics Anonymous in Burgess Hill, West Sussex

Early Risers

Sussex Area
Hanover Room (2nd Floor) Brighthelm Church & Community Centre North Road Brighton
Sundays at 10:45 am

Step Meeting

Sussex Area
The Vicarage Wilbury Road Hove Sussex
Sundays at 5:30 pm

Basic Text Study Group Meeting

Sussex Area
St. Nicholas Church Church Street Brighton Sussex
Mondays at 7:30 pm

Cocaine Anonymous in Burgess Hill, West Sussex


All Saints Church, The Parish Rooms, Wilbury Road
The Drive, Hove
Sundays at 9 am

Big Book Study

Dorset Gardens Methodist Church
Dorset Gardens, Brighton
Sundays at 6:15 pm

There is a solution

Kemp Town Crypt Centre
93 St George’s Rd
Kemptown, Brighton
Mondays at 10 am

Travelling to Recovery Lighthouse from Burgess Hill, West Sussex

Burgess Hill is surrounded by beautiful countryside, with plenty of green spaces, parks and gardens to explore. Some popular natural attractions include the South Downs National Park, the Ashenground Woods and St John’s Park. The town has several historic buildings and landmarks including the St. John Evangelist Church, the Burgess Hill Town Museum and the Victorian-era Burgess Hill Railway Station.

You can easily travel from Burgess Hill in West Sussex to Recovery Lighthouse in 37 minutes.

By road…

Get on London Rd/A23 in Pyecombe from A273. Take A27 to Broadwater St W/A24 in Worthing. Take S Farm Rd and Clifton Road to Winchester Road to reach the Recovery Lighthouse.

By train…

Board a train from Burgess Hill, stop at Worthing and walk for 0.7 miles to reach Recovery Lighthouse.

Finding a Rehabilitation Centre Near West Sussex

It can be challenging to overcome addiction. But you can always fight it if you have the right support network and the will to do so. Connect with us & Get help now!