Alcohol and drug rehab in Bexhill

Alcohol drug rehab in Bexhill

Drug and alcohol Statistics in Bexhill

A 37-year-old man from Bexhill was arrested on February 25, 2023, for possessing firearms without a licence and being linked to a Class A drug (cocaine) supply. He was also charged with using a property where officers found large quantities of cocaine and more firearms. Kudos to the police officers for their watchfulness and proactivity, but drug addiction and offences surrounding it are increasing in the area.

According to the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), around 78 people undergoing treatment for drug addiction died between April 2019 and 2022.

Data from the Department for Transport reveals, in 2019, drivers under the influence of alcohol led to 73 road accidents in East Sussex. Similar cases are on the rise. To control such incidences, the Sussex Police, as part of Operation Limit, carried out enforcement checks and arrested 233 people in December 2022.

Rehabilitation is the most effective way to curb drug and alcohol addiction from the root. If you live in Bexhill and are looking for a decent option near your home for a loved one, UKAT private rehab clinics near Bexhill, East Sussex, are worth considering. Our rehab units near Bexhill are well-equipped to understand your concerns and suggest a suitable treatment programme accordingly.

Why choose Recovery Lighthouse for rehabilitation near Bexhill?

UKAT is a reputable rehab service provider. We have detox and rehab centres across the United Kingdom – Sanctuary Lodge, Linwood House, Liberty House, Recovery Lighthouse, Oasis Bradford, Primrose Lodge, Oasis Runcorn, and Banbury Lodge. You may choose one according to your preferences.

Are you looking for a private residential rehab facility near Bexhill for a family member or friend? You can trust your loved ones with Recovery Lighthouse.

It is a full-service and CQC-regulated clinic that offers medically-assisted detox and rehab services under one roof. Our outstanding support and clinical team takes care of your needs 24/7 with 100% commitment.

Recovery Lighthouse is set in a beautiful seaside town – Worthing, in West Sussex, approximately 42.9 miles from Bexhill, East Sussex. If you drive through the A27 motorway, you will reach this rehab clinic near Bexhill in less than an hour. Moreover, Recovery Lighthouse takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city and still keeps you connected.

Our services are a blend of comfortable living, closeness to nature, and evidence-based treatment plans. Here is a list of features Recovery Lighthouse near Bexhill offers:

  • Immediate admission
  • 13 comfortable bedrooms
  • Client-oriented programmes
  • Spacious sitting areas
  • Peaceful and judgement-free environment

If you want to see what the Recovery Lighthouse facility looks like, this virtual tour video will allow you access to the inside of this rehab clinic near Bexhill.

Treatment options available at Recovery Lighthouse near Bexhill

This entire rehab facility near Bexhill is geared towards providing you with specifically tailored programmes for every client. The quality that sets us apart is – our care and services do not end with your stay at our centre. We offer free aftercare services for 12 months.

At Recovery Lighthouse near Bexhill, we treat different drug addictions (cannabis, cocaine, ketamine, prescription drugs), alcoholism, and behavioural addictions like eating disorders, sex and pornography addiction, gambling, etc.

The treatments you may benefit from at this rehab centre near Bexhill include the following:

Recovery Lighthouse near Bexhill – From the client’s perspective

No two clients nor their challenges are the same. At Recovery Lighthouse near Bexhill, we are dedicated to living up to the expectations of our clients, no matter what. Let’s see what our past clients have to say about their experience with us:

“The food, staff and therapy were all fantastic.” – L

My experience at the lighthouse was very positive. Friendly staff who without exception looked after us well. Treatment was excellent despite a covid outbreak.” – John R

“My experience at Recovery Lighthouse has been incredible. I feel my understanding of addiction has grown immensely. I have also seen great improvements in my emotional intelligence and overall happiness. I have met some amazing people, many of whom I will be staying in touch with. The staff have been very helpful in my recovery. I would certainly recommend the Lighthouse to anyone struggling with addiction.” – Charlie Simpson

Free support groups near Bexhill, East Sussex

If you are on a tight budget or do not want to pursue paid services at a private inpatient clinic near Bexhill, you can choose free support groups operating in your area:

Alcoholics Anonymous near Bexhill

Bexhill-On-Sea Big Book Study

The Pelham, Hollier’s Hill
Time: Tuesday, 20:00
Postcode: TN40 2DD

Bexhill-on-Sea Sidley

The Pelham, Hollier’s Hill, Sidley
Time: Friday, 19:45
Postcode: TN40 2DD

Bexhill-On-Sea Reflections Hybrid

Beulah Baptist Church,
Clifford Rd, Bexhill
Time: Friday, 10:00
Postcode: TN40 1QA

Narcotics Anonymous near Bexhill


Hanover Community Centre,
33 Southover Street, Brighton,
Sussex, BN2 9UD
Time: Saturday, 19:30

Eastbourne Saturday

All Saints Church Hall,
21 Grange Road, Eastbourne,
Sussex, BN21 4HE
Time: Saturday, 18:00

Saturday – Living Clean

Kennedy Street Recovery Hub,
St Peters Place,
Brighton, Sussex, BN1 4SB
Time: Saturday, 13:30

Cocaine Anonymous near Bexhill

Cocaine Anonymous

Cafe North
North St
Eastbourne BN21 3HG
UK Sussex
Time: Thursday, 19:30

Cocaine Anonymous

Cafe North
North St
Eastbourne BN21 3HG
UK Sussex
Time: Sunday, 10:00

Free at Last

All Saints Church
21a Grange Road
BN21 4HE
UK Sussex
Time: Monday, 19:30

Travelling to Recovery Lighthouse from Bexhill, East Sussex

Bexhill, also known as Bexhill-on-sea, is a civil parish and a beach town located in East Sussex. It is famous for its archaeological marvels, such as Manor House and De La Warr Pavilion. The connectivity of this parish to the rest of the county is seamless. Here is how to travel from Bexhill to Recovery Lighthouse:

By road…

The fastest route between Bexhill and Recovery Lighthouse, Worthing, West Sussex, is via the A27 motorway. It covers a distance of around 43.1 miles in approximately 1 hour and 2 minutes. Or else, you may take the A27 & A259 route. It takes nearly 1 hour and 6 minutes to travel 42.9 miles.

By train…

The average time to travel between Bexhill and Worthing is 1 hour and 58 minutes. The frequency of the trains between the two stations is 45 per day. The timings of the first and the last trains are 04:18 and 23:40, respectively.

Finding a rehab clinic near Bexhill

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