Drug and alcohol rehab in Sheffield

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is extremely harmful to your health and wellbeing, so recognising when you need help is the best decision you will ever make. Drug and alcohol rehabs in Sheffield specialise in helping clients who are dependent on substances to recover from addiction. The physical and mental effects of addiction can alter judgement, and in turn, impact yourself and those around you. Most professionals have experienced addiction themselves, so can offer non-judgemental support in alcohol rehab or drug rehab, to help repair relationships. Rehab centres in Sheffield will offer varying treatment methods, which will be explained in further detail throughout this guide.

Types of addiction treatment and rehab programme in Sheffield

You can seek addiction support at treatment centres within rehab settings. Outpatient treatment in Sheffield can be accessed for free and requires you to visit the treatment centre regularly to receive treatment. Inpatient treatment in Sheffield is mostly privately funded and offers residential treatment with greater choice of therapy options.

Outpatient addiction treatment (day rehab)

In outpatient treatment, you receive support by visiting the treatment centre for each session. It is the least disruptive option because you can continue to stay at home during your programme. This type of addiction treatment can be better suited to those who have a lower tolerance of addictive substances, because there is a lower level of support provided. A detox can be more challenging through outpatient treatment, because you are not provided with a safe environment to abstain from addictive substances. However, you will still be offered a detox that is suitable to treat a drug and alcohol addiction.

Inpatient addiction treatment (residential rehab)

Also known as residential rehab, inpatient treatment can cater for all of your needs during your stay. It provides you with a safe place to receive treatment and practise therapies, enabling you to be free of any lifestyle stresses. Rehab centres in Sheffield will have a range of treatment programmes to offer to you, and will discuss these during your admission to help identify the best treatment plan for you. All addiction treatment centres offering inpatient care will have many other clients staying there to receive support, allowing you to meet peers who are going through a similar journey.

Why inpatient rehab?

A mixture of therapies is available during inpatient rehab to provide you with holistic support. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) assesses each type of treatment offered to ensure that a high quality of care is being provided, so you can read the CQC ratings of your rehab options to help you decide on your preferred provider. This is not an option for NHS services, as you will be connected with the centre with the first available space, regardless of your preference. At Recovery Lighthouse, you can embark on one-to-one therapy and family support programmes during your residential stay.

Combining different therapy methods in a single programme ensures that you receive the optimum chance of successful recovery by experiencing different forms of support. Addiction can harm many aspects of your life, and we find that different therapies can help to repair each area. Our Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) focuses on positive thinking techniques to influence your actions, and our conjoint meetings support communication. Conjoints are offered within our family support programmes to help you repair your significant relationships.

What should I expect from a detox in Sheffield?

A detox is also included in the treatment provided at rehab. This is a crucial stage of the programme that will enable you to become free of addictive substances. You will be supported by trained professionals to abstain from taking the addictive substance until your body is free from harmful toxins.

Medical detox

Detoxing from harmful substances causes withdrawal symptoms, which can be an uncomfortable part of the treatment programme. The symptoms can include diarrhoea, sickness, shaking and hallucinations, but will vary in each client. Some people worry about going through this process, but during inpatient treatment you will receive around-the-clock support from staff, as well as receive a medical detox if necessary. During medical detox, a doctor at the rehab facility will first complete an assessment with you, before prescribing you with medication that acts as a substitute for the addictive substance. A medical detox can support you through either a drug detox or an alcohol detox. The medication will manage your withdrawal symptoms to help you abstain from substances safely. If you have any concerns about completing a medical detox, you can contact a member of our team on the contact number at the top of the page.

Drug and alcohol rehab programme

12-step programmes are popular for treating addiction. They support clients using a series of steps which repair different areas of harm. At Recovery Lighthouse, our 12-step programme includes Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) as part of our one-to-one therapy, and group therapy. Most of our clients leave our facility with a few programme steps remaining, after completing a stay of up to twelve weeks. However, the duration of our treatment programmes depends on each clients’ individual needs. There are non-12-step programmes available at other treatment settings, which may offer treatment using a different recovery approach.

Is rehab free?

Inpatient rehab is accessible via self-referral and is mainly funded privately. However, there are a small number of free inpatient beds at a charity called Turning Point. Free addiction treatment services are mainly accessed through the NHS, and may not offer suitable detox programmes due to less support being provided.

Free addiction treatment services in Sheffield

As well as rehab, there are free groups in the community that provide support for clients in recovery from addiction. Alcoholics Anonymous is a popular group that may interest you.

The downside to free services

Although UKAT facilities, including Recovery Lighthouse, only provide private inpatient treatment, we understand the importance and value of free services. Free services ensure that anybody can access support, no matter what their financial situation is. Unfortunately, they can be difficult to access because of government cuts in spending, long waiting lists and a reduction in the number of facilities available. Due to this, free services only provide the minimum level of support, which does not include holistic treatment.

The benefits of residential rehab in Sheffield

  • Access to a varied holistic treatment programme
  • Choice of settings to complete rehab
  • Team of professionals who are specially trained in their discipline
  • A safe and therapeutic environment
  • Around-the-clock support from professionals
  • Free from everyday distractions that could otherwise interrupt your treatment
  • All meals are provided during your stay
  • Peer support from others staying at the rehab
  • Involve your loved ones through conjoint meetings
  • Access to a safe medical detox
  • Access to aftercare once you have finished rehab

What happens after a rehab programme?

Completing rehab is a huge achievement, but recovery does not end there. Your recovery journey will continue at home, with support from an aftercare programme.

Aftercare programmes

Our aftercare programme is in place to support our clients who successfully complete rehab to advance further at home. You will receive helpful information from the UKAT team, access to a supportive Alumni network and ongoing group therapy. This helps to reduce any anxiety that you may feel upon leaving rehab.

Support groups

Support groups are a great resource that can be accessed for free in the community, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Cocaine Anonymous (CA) and SMART Recovery. The peer support found through support groups is a great motivator that can help you through any challenges you may experience.

Long-term recovery from addiction

We encourage all of our clients to access the ongoing support following rehab. Long-term recovery from addiction can vary between each client, but the ongoing support offered from the UKAT team will remain constant. No matter how much support you need, you should be extremely proud of your transformation and what you have achieved.